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  1. Sherry

    Just Sarting Out

    Hey! Welcome to the forum :) im new to youtube and the forum as well. Good luck with your channel :)
  2. Sherry

    Hey what´s up guys? My name is Whoopeepoop

    Hello :) welcome to the forum! Good luck with your channel!
  3. Sherry

    Puppy eats fortune cookies

    Hope you guys enjoy:)
  4. Sherry


    I hope these videos from Tommy keep you guys happy :)
  5. Sherry

    Aerospace Engineer & Horror Gamer - I'm a New YouTuber!

    Welcome to the forum!! Good luck with your youtube channel and your education :)
  6. Sherry


  7. Sherry


    Hahaha, thank you for watching!!
  8. Sherry


  9. Sherry


    I want a lot of subscribers, but I also want those subscribers to be steady when it comes to watching my videos. So my goal for 2018: Upload at least 2 times a week 10000 views by the end of June. If all goes well, then 20000 by December 300 subscribers by December (I have 26 now) Let's see...
  10. Sherry

    How many subs do you want to reach at the end of the year

    a million!! lol wishful thinking for now. this year i am aiming for atleast 300
  11. Sherry

    New Youtuber

    Hey! Nice to meet you, and good luck with your channel :)
  12. Sherry

    New Youtuber :)
  13. Sherry

    My first goal on Youtube is to create good content.

    I know what you mean! I started a channel, but I was so hesitant to upload a video. I didn't know if it was worthy enough to be watched! lol, as weird as it may sound. But I realized, that if I don't upload at least once then I will constantly push it back until I get to a level of 'perfection'...
  14. Sherry

    New Youtuber

    Do I have to post 5 times before I provide the channel link?
  15. Sherry

    I'm new youtuber who create videos about any interesting topic

    Hey!! Nice to meet you! I am also new to youtube and this forum lol
  16. Sherry

    New Youtuber

    My name is Sherry. I have always wanted to start a Youtube channel, but I never knew where to begin. There was also fear that it may not be a liked channel etc. When I got my new puppy, he did so many funny things all at once. I started recording it and then eventually I made a Youtube channel...
  17. Sherry

    Hello Everyone

    HIIII!!! I am also new :)