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  1. Endgam3r

    Looking for people to play with on PC

    I added you on steam :)
  2. Endgam3r

    Daily Upload Thread for Monday, March 13th 2017

    Ninja Defoos!!!!!!!!
  3. Endgam3r

    Warning to All Graphic Designers on Damnlag

    Problem Solved. > < As a graphics artist this post inspired me for some weird reason.
  4. Endgam3r

    Looking for people to play with on PC

    Sure i'll collab with you, I normally just play TTT on gmod though. add me on steam Steam: Endgam3r
  5. Endgam3r

    Looking for people to play with on PC

    Yeah but I don't play it much.
  6. Endgam3r

    What gpu have you got ?

    GTX 1060
  7. Endgam3r

    Looking for people to play with on PC

    I'm looking to people to play and record with on PC. I usually play in the morning in PST Requirements: Age 16+ Must have at least one of these games: CS:GO Space Engineers Custom Zombies Call of Duty: World At War Portal 2 Rocket League GTA 5 Left 4 Dead 2
  8. Endgam3r

    PC Looking for collaborations on PC Gaming

    I'd be interested in playing on PC with you I play a lot of CS:GO
  9. Endgam3r

    Building a Free Library of Images for Everyone

    I've been using the techno music from your site in my vids, and I put the link to your site in my description. Really nice collection thanks for sharing! :)
  10. Endgam3r

    CSGO Comp Highlights #1| The People of CS:GO

    Funny Moments please, and thank you. :D
  11. Endgam3r

    CSGO Comp Highlights #1| The People of CS:GO

    Played some CS:GO Comp sessions, ended up with some crazy doods. EDIT: I apologize, I posted this in the wrong subsection.
  12. Endgam3r

    Introduction to my new channel

    Feedback would also be appreciated
  13. Endgam3r

    3 word story with a prize!

    ...he then realized...
  14. Endgam3r

    YouTubes New Rules - People losing Advertising

    If you haven't see h3h3s video here it is. I'm not gonna breakdown what he said but I want to highlight how this affects all content creators on YouTube, and show how flaws this system is. I'm going to use myself as an example here. I make graphic art, and let's say I wanted to upload a...
  15. Endgam3r

    Critique My Art?

    I didn't plan on updating it because i've been busy making artwork for people. I only made this one just to see what I could do, but since you brought it up I guess I will update it and post some of my other artwork on this thread. thanks for the feedback. :)
  16. Endgam3r

    Critique My Art?

    Yeah, maybe a dark outline around the text would be better or somthing like that, thanks for the input!
  17. Endgam3r

    Youtube Banner | Asiimov

    I made this youtube banner for a CS:GO Streamer/YouTuber. She seemed very happy with it, but what do you guys think? Obviously, I based it off the Asiimov skin in CS:GO
  18. Endgam3r

    Critique My Art?

    I use a program called Inkscape, its free.
  19. Endgam3r

    Critique My Art?

    I started it out as a Red/Black color scheme, but me personally I like bright colors so I made it light blue. I'm glad you like it! Do you have any tips on improving my artwork?
  20. Endgam3r

    I need some good channel art!

    Are you looking for a banner, profile pic, or both?