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  1. AtlasPlus

    Bioshock Infinite Walkthrough | Episode One!

    hope you guys can leave some positive feedback :)
  2. AtlasPlus

    Critique on my Channel Art?!!

    How's it going guys, my names Atlas+ and i have just recently joined the forums. I was wondering if anyone on here could critique my channel art. I like to say i'm pretty good and photoshop but you can be the judge of that. Thanks for your time :) -Atlas+...
  3. AtlasPlus

    Tekkit Legends | Let's Play!!!

    How's it going guys my names Atlas+ and i have started a tekkit legends series. Although i am pretty new to Tekkit as a whole it would mean the world to me if you could check out my content and leave some constructive feedback on my videos (positive or negative). Thanks for your time and i hope...
  4. AtlasPlus

    Welcome to my Channel!!

    Introduction to me! How's it going everyone, my names Atlas (or Noah) and I have decided to start making gaming videos for YouTube again! Here's a little background information about me and my history with Youtube. I've had LOADS of previous YouTube channels that haven't been very successful...