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  1. Veelia

    Twitch Ranked HotS Support Stream

    Currently live, streaming some ranked HotS Play! Come hang out!! :)
  2. Veelia

    How do I add my Twitch thumbail to signature?

    Hey all, I see some people with their YouTube AND Twitch thumbnail in their signature. How can I add mine? Thanks, Vee
  3. Veelia

    YouTube Signature Not Working

    Hi, I'm having some issues adding my YouTube channel to my signature. Here's a screenshot of what I've attached a screenshot of what I'm entering. Here's my channel name (both ID and channel number) Can...
  4. Veelia

    Nice to meet you all!

    Hello everyone! I'm Veelia! Nice to meet all of you! I'm a fairly new (started my YouTube channel in September) YouTuber and streamer, dedicated to making content about Blizzard games (mostly World of Warcraft). If you'd like to check out my channels, you can find them here: YouTube...