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  1. MvxIndra

    Salty teammate back us out before the play of the game

    Misc denies being killed by wrecking ball but unfortunately, he didn't realize that was recording. Hope you enjoy the video please like and comment your thoughts down below.
  2. MvxIndra

    Gta V funny moments

    if anyone has to say about the video please comment im trying improve my content.
  3. MvxIndra

    GTA V heist fails

    Idk why it took so many tries to get the kuruma but it did and i officially hate this mission
  4. MvxIndra

    Life Is strange(Complete confuse why i brought this)ep 1

    i just started this new game my friend suggested but i don't if it any good ny thoughts
  5. MvxIndra

    sick black ops 3 montage

    Ive haved this montage for a while i just wanted to know what other people think of it
  6. MvxIndra

    Funny overwatch rank match

    This round lasted long then it should have.There's a bunch of funny moment
  7. MvxIndra

    Genji Montage