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  1. MiliMate

    Hi my name is Chaz! :)

    Hello Chaz! Those are definitely some nice statistics my friend, welcome to DamnLag! ^^
  2. MiliMate

    Hey! We are TheKays!

    Welcome you two! Seems like you two could be a lot of fun to watch, so I'll check you out when I have some more time! In any case, enjoy your time here!
  3. MiliMate

    Guess it's time to introduce myself

    Welcome to DamnLag, YouTube brother. Hope you'll learn a lot here and further advance your channel! :)
  4. MiliMate

    Enter... Domnification

    Hello Domnification! That is a great mindset, and most often the ones that will last the longest. I would suggest dropping your channel URL so we can have a look at your channel! Best of luck!
  5. MiliMate

    Hello everyone!!

    Hello Court! Welcome to DamnLag, and I hope you'll enjoy your stay here! Good luck with your channel!
  6. MiliMate

    Hey just wanted to say ive started up a channel would love to hear your views

    Welcome Crash! Right off the bat, your name might become a challenge, because it's so generic. Just search for 'Crash' on YouTube ;) But your channel is great, like, really great. You can tell you did research before you got into YouTube, and it shows. Your Amnesia video is actually really...
  7. MiliMate

    Make Great Videos & Get Featured

    Hello all, As some of you might know, I have monthly Top 10 Best Videos playlist on my channel, and each month, I make a video to showcase the top 10 of last month. I have a feeling there are many great content creators out there, but because of my limited time, I cannot roam YouTube the whole...
  8. MiliMate

    Hiya, HazelPixel here signing in!

    Hello HP! Welcome to DamnLag, a surefire way of kickstarting your channel! If you ever need any feedback, I'm a member of DamnLag's Review Team. You can send me a PM when you have spent a little more time on the forums! Other than that, good luck and enjoy your stay! :)
  9. MiliMate

    Hey everyone, I'm Steph :)

    Hi Steph! Your channel looks amazing! It has something unique, and that's always good in this oversaturated market. I've subscribed to make myself remember that I need to see your videos when I have time. I hope you'll have a wonderful time here! Good luck with everything! ^^
  10. MiliMate

    Hello internet!

    Hi GT! Welcome to the DamnLag forums. Be sure to link your channel here if you'd want people to see it. Also, I'm a member of DamnLag's Review Team, and I can give you feedback on your channel or a certain video. Please PM if you're interested, and you have spent a little more time on the...
  11. MiliMate

    I Have No Idea What Is Going On. Hello!

    Welcome man, I'll check out your channel when I have the time! I'm a member of the DamnLag Review team, so if you'd ever want any feedback on your channel or a certain video, let me know. You can PM me here or on Twitter! ^^ Good luck with your channel.
  12. MiliMate

    Channel of the Month #16 (December 2015) - Voting/Entries

    NON ENTRY Channels picked: @OKMultiplay @AJPatz @CKtv @Vidiebox @Hazzador
  13. MiliMate

    Halo 5 Funny Moments with AJPatz

    My first Halo 5 Funny Moments video! Always difficult to turn these into a funny video, but I do think we did alright by ourselves! Let us know what you thought about it! :)
  14. MiliMate

    I reached 4000 subs

    Congratulations! I remember you as one of the first people to welcome me to this forum, and taking the opportunity to give some feedback to me. I will forever be grateful for that, hence why I think why you deserve this :) Great advice too!
  15. MiliMate

    What's up good people...!!

    Tell us a little something about yourself buddy, it's way more compelling to connect with someone then!
  16. MiliMate

    Started a Channel and wanted to meet other gaming youtubers.

    Welcome buddy! I hope you enjoy the forums. Off to check your channel!
  17. MiliMate

    Whats up people?

    Welcome bud! Any more info you want to share with us?! Will be checking your channel in the mean time :)
  18. MiliMate

    New to Damnlag

    Welcome! Tell us a little something about yourself buddy! :)
  19. MiliMate

    Introduction to Aurian

    Welcome to the forums man, hope you'll stay for a long time to come :)
  20. MiliMate

    Bloodborne ✦ Video Thread

    Episode 6 [w/ Belcoot] In this episode in the Bloodborne PS4 Gameplay series, Belcoot shows his skills in French, his love for Cat-Dogs and an undying wish to see me falling to my death. Among other things, we try to grab a valuable item (that's what I thought), which is a lot trickier than...