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    Ingame Jokers plays Assassin's Creed Origins

    This is a series on our channel. Check it out and have a laugh with us as we sit on the couch and play some games. Leave any recommendations in the comment section. Thanks for viewing.
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    So I tried to get a widget on my signature, but i don't think it's working. I have done what admin has said and it still isn't showing up. Anyone else have same issue? Any resolve?
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello, my name is girnzim123. I've recently just started a Youtube channel called Ingame Jokers. I hope to meet interesting creators and fans on here. Thanks for your time.
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    Youtube Channel: Ingame Jokers

    Hey guys, my wife and I just started a Youtube channel. We are currently playing Assassin's Creed Origins and The Wolf Among Us. We can currently only play on PC and PS4 (HMDI capture cards are expensive). We plan on doing other games including Bloodborne, Dark Souls (Series), Bioshock (PS4)...