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  1. Scopespy


    Hello and welcome to the forums! Glad to see a new face. Good luck on your journey and if you have questions about anything feel free to ask!
  2. Scopespy

    How do you make it so you can hear your party when streaming Overwatch

    Depends on what streaming service you are using. If you are on mixer its really easy the other players you want to hear have to go to the party chat and checkmark a box that says " include my audio". If you are on twitch or something else an easy fix that might take some getting use to is...
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    Hello, I am a hardcore gamer in Youtube

    Hey thanks for for the long response I appreciate you taking the time to type that out! I've also been doing research on SEO and there is so much to it. I didn't realize that they penalize you if you just spam the keywords into your description that's good to know. I'm also trying to be active...
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    Facts in Figures

    Really cool stuff man! I watch a lot of reigarw comparisons so this was cool to see brought to video games. I always wondered too what software do you use to make these types of videos?
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    Hello, I am a hardcore gamer in Youtube

    That is awesome man! I'm also starting to learn about SEO myself its a lot to learn. I also have the same problem where my audience retention is low and most people click away in the first couple of minutes. I made my thumbnails a lot nicer and added a highlight at the start of my video with the...
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    How do you get fast subscribers?

    You're doing great so far man. You just have to keep grinding out videos and being consistent with the content. It's a long journey but if you keep at it you'll find success, good luck!
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    Twitch Jaws On Steroids!

    I'll have to check you out next time you're online!
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    Hello, I am a hardcore gamer in Youtube

    Hey man welcome! Glad to hear you're stepping up your game and haven't given up in 7 years I like that! Good luck on your journey!
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    Apex Legends Gameplay

    Hey everyone! This is my most recent video for Apex Legends. All of my videos are aimed at helping the average player get better at Apex Legends. Let me know what you think or if I can improve my videos in any way. Thanks!
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    apex legends montage from predator player

    Damn man killing it with the wingman good stuff!
  11. Scopespy

    Hello ,Let me introduce myself

    Hey man love the attitude! Don't give up and keep grinding and you will see more views and subs coming in!
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    New to this and need advice

    First you'll need a capture card since hes on the xbox. Look into the El Gato game Capture it is pretty much the standard and isn't too hard to set up. The El Gato I also believe comes with video editing software. Then you'll need a mic that can also plug into your computer and a webcam. A good...
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    Hi man! Good luck with your channel!
  14. Scopespy

    Xbox One Looking to Collab on Apex Legends

    Hey everyone I make a lot of Apex Legends videos and am looking to collab with someone! I'm on the Xbox and play most days so if you are interested just let me know!
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    Daily Upload Thread for Friday, May 22nd 2020

    Love the idea!
  16. Scopespy

    Daily Valorant Videos! Come Check it Out!

    Great vid, great thumbnail, and some great gameplay man! I don't play Valorant but the vid was funny and entertaining keep up the good work!
  17. Scopespy

    Some ways to help get your videos noticed

    Great post I actually took a lot out of it! Been working on growing myself and will be putting these tips to use!
  18. Scopespy

    Cynicsodes just reached 1k views on our first ever video!

    Yoo congrats on the achievement and hope you can keep pulling in more views!
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    How to get better at Apex Legends

    Hey everyone just released my latest video which is title how to get better at Apex Legends. The video consists of 2 edited games and my commentary over it. I try to give lots of advice and tips on how to get better at Apex Legends. Let me know what you think! Thanks in advance to anyone who...
  20. Scopespy

    What editing software do you guys use?

    Been using Sony Vegas 14 and it has been amazing!