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  1. Fost Da Gama

    Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder ( VA Actors and actresses)

    Its a visual novel. Thinking about collabing with others for this.But I can do it on my own Of course ya'll will be properly credited have a decent mic or headset I need at least 2-3 females 1-2 guys Try to be serious, try but don't worry Im not crazy serious either, if you see my lucid9...
  2. Fost Da Gama

    YouTube Bear With ME Game 6/7/2019
  3. Fost Da Gama

    CloudHigh Tv (Still Recruiting Not Really Looking lol)

    Sup y'all Im FO$T aka FO$T DA GAMA Keep in mind all of this is free going both ways so don't expect money from me and don't expect me to take money from you. Im not really looking just letting it be known im still recuiting for the expansion of my group. Although its a twitch and YouTube...
  4. Fost Da Gama

    YouTube 3/25/19 Persona 3 stream

  5. Fost Da Gama

    YouTube 100 sub celebration

  6. Fost Da Gama

    YouTube Live 03/10/19

  7. Fost Da Gama

    80 Subs 39.9k Watch Time 2.9k Total Views

    Thanks to all that supported me. Through my tough times ya'll kept me grounded. Catch Ya'll Love Ya'll Peace O_O....oh um.... JERSEY!:smoke::punch::cool::party:
  8. Fost Da Gama

    My 2019 Youtube Resolutions

    Videos(I got psp and possibly Xbox 360 ready to start recording) More Playthroughs completed Streams More collabs with My group/team CloudHigh Tv(We in the clouds...Its CloudHigh Tv) More Views More Subscribers More Fost Da Gama lol I like to thank the viewers and subs that give my videos a...
  9. Fost Da Gama

    My 2018 Youtube Experience

    Im only on month 2 but 2018 was chill: Started My Channel Got ok equipment Playing Games I liked Recorded Games I liked Streamed Games I liked Collaged a Unique Icon Collaged a Unique Banner Became My Own Editor and improved at it Slowly finding my style Made over 100 video Got Views Got Subs...
  10. Fost Da Gama

    1 1/2 Month Gamer,Content, Storytimes, Entertainment,Podcast shorts. You can go now.

    Glad to have your attention fam. Before I go cliche on you, I just ask for a chance at ya'll enjoying my vids, I'm not after subs but they are nice, but enjoy. I don't want criticism I'm just letting ya'll know I'm here when your in that mood to give my channel a shot. (So yeah you can go now...
  11. Fost Da Gama

    Joining HCP

    Hmm... We legit simple as that Logo: Its that cloud on my pic thats how you know whose a member(it's a must as far as Icon goes, channel art and other stuff doesn't matter) What we got: Content: Yours truly and others, 87 vids 13 streams in a month and a half Collabs: We got a podcast we...
  12. Fost Da Gama

    The Ex

  13. Fost Da Gama

    10 subs, 4k watch time, 400 total views, 1 month of videos everyday and still going

    Tired but still gotta keep going lol:whew::D:punch::) 10 subs, 4k watch time, 400 total views, 1 month of videos everyday and still going
  14. Fost Da Gama

    I lost a subscriber lol:( (Its a joke)

    I said I was joking...was it really that bad of a diss?:cry::cry::cry: (I'm joking about this lol)
  15. Fost Da Gama

    Hope ya'll enjoy my Youtube channel,peace

    Hope Ya'll enjoy my game playthroughs and other content such as my Fost Shorts and Storytimes. Certain Playthroughs are 45 minutes to a hour. While some like my lucid9 series are 25-30 minutes in length, I voice over text when ever I have to for more dramatic effect but I also have fun with it...