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    Channel of the Month #35 (July 2017) - Voting/Entries

    August Entry: Votes: 1. Citano 2. Jack Muskrat 3. PuddleLoo 4. Kosaba11 5. Christoverse
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    Daily Upload Thread for Monday, July 3rd 2017

    7.3 New Shaman Animations!
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    Daily Upload Thread for Sunday, July 2nd 2017

    My latest in my Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Series -- Heroic Harjatan! Hope you all enjoy :P
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    New to Damnlag? Join our Discord!

    It's awesome in the discord channel!! :P
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    Twitch Ranked HotS Support Stream

    Currently live, streaming some ranked HotS Play! Come hang out!! :)
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    How do I add my Twitch thumbail to signature?

    Hey all, I see some people with their YouTube AND Twitch thumbnail in their signature. How can I add mine? Thanks, Vee
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    Full MOBA Game Video's or Highlights?

    Highlights for sure. I've seen some LoL games last for 45 minutes. Unfamiliar with your game but if it's similar, thats too long for a video.
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    Can my channel be dead?

    Not dead for me! You'll know when its dead when the link doesnt work :)
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    ZeeKiwi Introduction

    Welcome!! :)
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    Hey guys!

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    Hey Guys Im New To Damn Lag!

    Welcome!! =)
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    Whats Up I'm New here

    Welcome! Nice to have you :)
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    Channel of the Month #34 (June 2017) - Voting/Entries

    July Entry: This Month's Votes: Sieghrain Enterprise Jack Muskrat MSgtPorkins CrazyDonkey Christoverse
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    YouTube Signature Not Working