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    Xbox One - Collaborations

    How come you require an active fanbase when you don't really have one? I looked as it was Xbox One but I'm too old haha! I don't have a very active fanbase either
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    Premium The Silver Fox Gaming

    Title of Thread: Channel Name Channel Name: The Silver Fox Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: 14/05/2015 Partnered with Network?: Yes, BBTV Amount of Videos on Channel: 31 Total Subscribers: 192 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 2178 Channel Description...
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    The Silver Fox Gaming

    Hey! I'm Joe, 20 years old, and a gaming addict it's fair to say. My latest video on becoming a premium member is episode 1 of my Fallout 4 Let's Play! Hope you enjoy the channel, I'm always researching into how to grow my channel and create better content!
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    Daily Upload for Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

    Let's Play Fallout 4: Episode 1! It's A Trap! Would love some feedback on this if possible, thanks!
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    Xbox 360 Looking for collabs, good quality, great banter!

    Game: Fifa 16 / GTA 5 / COD BO3 / Star Wars Battlefront Platform: Xbox One Number of People: 1+ Timezone: GMT +0 (London) Age: 20 Mission: Create high quality content, and give both channels a boost, also would be my first collab so something new for my channel! Subscribers: 124 Link to...
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    Xbox One Looking to collab for FIFA 16, GTA etc

    Hi mate, I'm down for all those games, I mainly play FIFA. Channel's linked below - if you fancy it we could do some clubs or drafts, anything like that! Cheers
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    100 down, 9900 to go! Q&A!

    Thanks Scavenger! Yeah I've just started up this new year and I've been waiting to see what I can offer before committing to a schedule as I work full time too, I am going to do an episode of each FIFA series per week, and a lets play on a Friday or something but I'm now sure whether to do...
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    400 subscribers

    Congrats Fudgy! You deserve it, keep going and hit that 1K!