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    Twitch Streaming Some Higurashi [P3 and Undertale Later]

    You know it. Some good old game, by a good old gamer.
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    [The Apocalypse Is Here] Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Ep 4

    Well, this is what you get for being the good guy here. You try to save people, you try to survive. And what do you get? Nothing.
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    [Finding a Safe Place] Corpse Party 2: Dead Patient Ep 3

    Well, everyone believes that during the zombie apocalypse they will kill all the zombies themselves! But in reality, you will just lock the door to a room and hope.
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    Twitch Doing All Undertale Endings! [Currently First Soulless Pacifist]
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    Twitch First Undertale Genocide [Let's Feel Terrible On Friday The 13th
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    [The Undyning Chase] UNDERTALE Ep 5

    Welp. I am screwed. But at least I can listen to a nice music box along the way.
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    Twitch The Culling With MrDudeManSir [First Games] [Starting at 7 EST]

    I will be playing my first games of the Culling, which is a game I got today from a free code of the creators, and I am ready to get jiggy (ditto) WanWan
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    Twitch Late Night With The Gang

    Time for another stream of randomness with MrDudeManSir and the Gang
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    Yandere Simulator [PLAN B FOR SENPAI]

    Man, some people just do not understand how to stay away from senpai! Well, here this game is! I played the really early beta around a year ago, and it wasn't much to work with, so I said once it gets to a solid point, I'll screw around with it. The game has shaped up, and has deserved the...
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    Twitch The Good Old Late Night Stream
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    One Shot: A game I literally can't quit

    One Shot is an indie Rpg maker game, that breaks the fourth wall in many ways. I lead a lightbulb, along with Niko, to attempt to restore the world to its former glory. Though this game is more depressing than it seems. Oh, and if I close out of the game during any point, Niko dies, and I cant...
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    Twitch Quip and Lash Time! (With Viewers)
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    Twitch B-B-Back with some Quippy with viewers!
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    Twitch Streaming some Quiplash with viewers!

    Thank you! :D And yes, I do have a YouTube channel named MrDudeManSir, as well as a streaming schedule for every other day at 7 PM EST!
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    Twitch Streaming some Quiplash with viewers!