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    Mind f*cking time!

    hah sup bros? Wanna see somethin crazy? I was actually breaking my computer xD Leave a like and maybe subscribe if you enjoyed, thank you all! :D
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    If you have enough free hard disk space i recommend to use fraps for long videos as well :)
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    I record about 20 mins and then i cut some parts with sony vegas pro 12 :)
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    Amnesia thread :d

    I will post all new Amnesia videos on this thread so i won't mess shit up :D This was recorded and uploaded today and i fucking hated the jumpscare @ the beginning ahah! Leave a like & subscribe if you enjoyed the video, guys! :) Thank you all!
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    Another Mr. Felix Black Commentary

    Hello man! Enjoy your stay here! I make commentaries as well bro ahah! ;P
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    What do you use to record gameplay?

    Fraps will record your audio too Dath~ Yes it does, but for example if you r on a call with a friend on skype while u r recording fraps while totally fuck the audio quality up *just saying* I use Fraps btw
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    I guess i read all "Dragonlance" books, they r soooooo amazing! I suggest them to u all cause characterd and story r amazing! Most of them r written by Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman
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    I hate puzzles! Amnesia "a daughter's rescue" I hate when i have to solve stuff to keep on going -.- This is scary as well, don't worry ahah! Leave feedbacks if you want! Like & sub if you enjoyed, it always helps! :D
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    Haha, doesn't sound bad, I was just confused because I wasn't sure how someone would collaborate a singleplayer game. Makes sense now, sorry! (When I do end up getting Amnesia I'd be interested in this, however) No man it's my fault cause i didnt write how it'd work sorry!:) If u r...
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    Ye it is, but i was thinking about something like this: we both download the same mod, then we start a vocal chat with which software we both have and then start playing the mod together and keep on going together, does it sound that bad? Other youtubers already did it ;P I'm sorry if i wrote...
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    100 Subs! + Trailer video!

    Congrats bro! Im going for 50 ahah xD
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    Is anybody interested to make a commentary with me on Amnesia? If yes write below or pm me :) The Lame Project
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    New youtuber

    Nice videos, i subbed you ;D Mind to sub back? ^^
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    What commentator inspires you the most?

    I watched Pewdiepie since he had 10.000 subs, i sow him growing soooo fast! He inspired me to make commentaries, and still does
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    Valorous here

    Hello man nice to meet u on this forum! Enjoy ur stay! See ya