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    What editing software do you use?

    Premiere Pro CC and Avid MC!
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    What kind of Smartphone do you have?

    Sony Xperia Z3. I want to upgrade to the latest one, maybe this Xmas..
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    Do you watch cartoons still?

    If Adventure Time and Archer count then hell yes!
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    Website owners - what webhost do you use?

    I use DigitalOcean for some of my low traffic sites and SquareSpace for my business.
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    Hey, I'm Styxie!

    Hey there chaps, my name is Gabriel (otherwise known as Styxie) and I work for Creative Nation, of which Damnlag is a virtual network! I've been meaning to become active here and thought now would be the right time. If you need anything, let me know :)
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    I feel so popular

    I feel so popular