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    How to HIDE & WIN in Apex Legends Ranked | FAILURE

    Nice man, can't wait for the next one, keep up with the consistency!
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    First time I have uploaded this kind of video before, so it's not amazing and it DEFINATELY needs more work, but I spent 2 days on it over 2 weeks and thought I finially need to upload it or it will never happen, so here it is, hope you enjoy :D Please subscribe if you did!
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    Home Cinema | Out with the old.. in with the NEW!!

    Hi Guys, So recently I haven't been consistent as I usually aim to be at uploading content, so here is my "Excuse" which I have been working on for the past 6 months or so which cost a heck of a lot of time and effort to do! A like would be greatly appreciated and a subscribe will definitely be...
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    Sinitry - YouTuber

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    Apex Montage | Some of my best moments wrapped up in a short video with music

    So I'm kinda new to this whole thing and just thought I'd show you one of my latest videos from my YouTube channel: Sinitry Enjoy!
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    Sinitry - YouTuber

    Hi, Im kinda new to this whole thing and at the moment I’m uploading videos as frequently as possible, just for fun. Any views would be grateful appreciated and any advice is very much welcomed. Please check out Sinitry on YouTube. Thankyou for reading.