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    About Curse Network Partnership

    Thanks for the feedback! You are absolutely correct. Just one small error to point out, 10% of 55% doesn't bring it down to 45%, but 49.5% (but I understand your point on giving up a percentage). I just made this for people who were looking to get into networks. I have seen other people have...
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    joining a YT gaming network. how?

    You can check THIS THREAD to see what the Curse Network has to offer you. Some benefits of joining a partner when you are a small channel is that they (not all, but most) can pay you without having to reach that $100 mark like youtube. They can also provide you with tools, tips and music for...
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    About Curse Network Partnership

    Hey guys! I have noticed that a lot of people have been asking about what partnership they should take up. I have been with Curse for over a year now, and all my experiences have been great. Here is some information you might want to know before joining Curse Netword Requirements: You are...
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    [Free] YouTube Thumbnail Templates

    Hey! I create thumbnail templates, and I am currently working on some bigger packs which I give for free on my channel! Be sure to subscribe to get the latest free graphics and check out some of the graphics below! Minecraft Thumbnail Template: Outro Template: Agario Thumbnail Template...
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    Call of Duty Worldstar Fights

    Hey Guys! This is a series I recently started called call of duty worldstar fights where I go around punching people on call of duty and put sound effects from fights in the background. This is the most successfull series on my channel, and I hope you guys can leave some feedback. Thanks...
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    Hello People of The internets

    Hey! I go by RegularGamerHD on the interwebs. I have around 3k subscribers at the moments. I did end up deleting a bunch of my older videos because they were not the best, but some of the exisiting ones are pretty good. I hope you have the time to stop by and leave some feedback. Thanks
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    Thoughts On Buying Youtube Views?

    Just an addition to what people have already said. Think about the long run. I have seen channels with 10k+ views, but the video has 10 likes or their channel has 40 subscribers. Even if purchasing views on a video will attract more people to that video, they might see the content and leave if...
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    Do bigger channels have more rights?

    They definitely don't have more rights than anyone else. However, it's easier for them to reach out to the company, or the other way around and get permission to upload such things. The reason people feel like they have more rights is simply because they are bigger and companies may see that as...
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    How do YOU go about engaging people to comment/share your videos?

    ik this is a late respond, but you can ask your viewers things that they can respond to. For example, ask them questions related to the video you are doing. You can also ask them to comment questions they have for you, etc. In regards to the people advertising on your channel, block them and...