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    Help Me To 1k Subscribers

    thanks man im only 13 away from 500 now :D
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    Channel Art And Logos - Just Subscribe

    Hey guys im goign to be doing some gfx for some of you guys channel. All i ask is for you guys to subsribe to my channel its pretty simple i can do character logos and channel art also thumbnails for your series. If you want to see my work check out my spreadshirt:
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    500 By the end of the month

    im 50 away from 500 subscribers check my channel out if your into gta 5
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    Help Me To 1k Subscribers

    i didnt say a free pass to stardom it says promote your channel its what im doing
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    Help Me To 1k Subscribers

    Channel Name: MrSpicyLemon Channel Link: Channel Start Date: November 24, 2013 Partnered?: Yes Amount of Videos on Channel: 24 Amount of Total Views on Channel: 9,773 Hey Guys I Hit 400 Subs and im nearing 500. My main goal is to reach 1,000 subs at the...
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    Daily Upload for Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

    Check Out My Channel :D
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    Best Way To Get Started On Youtube

    for all youtube newcomers. The best way to help your channel is teaming up with other peoples channels. If you have a friend or even just ask that youtuber to do videos so you guys can grow together. It will send your subscribers over to his channel and his subs over to yours its a win win for...
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    i googled yourube gaming forums lol
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    Video editing software recommendations

    The easiest is sony vegas if you look at my channel you could see the outcome. Its pretty easy to use once you watch tutorials on it and its what mostly every youtuber uses
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    Post your YouTube with stats!

    Channel (Link to your channel): Videos (Amount of videos you have): 24 Views (Your total view count): 9,773 Subscribers (Amount of Subs you have): 446
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    Reached 400 Subs Trying for 500 Help?

    Hey Guys I recently hit 400 subs im really trying to hit 500 that was my goal from the start of my channel
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    Looking For Xbox 360 GTA 5 Funny Player

    Hey guys im looking for some people to do some videos with and have a channel with a decent fanbase. I wanna work with gamers 16+ and can record themselve also. My channel is at 444 Subs Right Now And my goal is to reach 1k i have a large growing channel and just want to expand it with others...
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    How do i get the youtube signature

    i needed it to im testing it now
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    Nice Channel Man Im Also Hoping to reach 1000 subs im at 444 currently now
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    Hey Im MrSpicyLemon

    Hey Guys Im MrSpicyLemon , I Started My Channel In November And My Channel Has Grown Rapidly. I Post GTA 5 And COD So if you guys like those you should check out my channel any feedback would be nice Channel: