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    Im New restarted my Channel

    Hey guys im new around here and my name is mike also known as mikeyicon. Im 22 I have a son whose 6. And I make gaming videos on youtube. I had to reset my channel so I can get partnered and I was hoping you guys could check me out if your interested just hit me up in the replys and ill message...
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    Mikeyicon Gaming!

    Channel Name:MikeyIcon Gaming Channel Link: Channel Start Date: August 14th 2014 Partnered with Network?: No Amount of Videos on Channel:109 Total Subscribers: 5 Amount of Total Views on Channel:10 Channel Description:Had to reset my channel. I make...
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    hey im new whats up

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    Awesome stuff I checked out your channel and subscribed keep it up!
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    UFC Gameplay Series!

    Hey guys im new here and im starting a ufc series on my youtube channel id love some feed back thank you!! :) EA Sports UFC PS4 Career Mode:
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    Why do you make Youtube videos? :)

    I make my youtube videos for the love of gaming and wanting to entertain and help others get better at games im good at. I enjoy talking alot and having opinions on the games I play lol.
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    Anyone Play UFC Ps4!

    Crap lol I meant to say anyone that has UFC not *is has* aha jeeze
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    Anyone Play UFC Ps4!

    Hey guys im new here and curious if anyone is has UFC and wanna play on the PS4. My PSN is mikeyicon-_
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    Where are you from?

    Im from Utah lol super fun here!
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    hey im new whats up

    Hey thanks!! Its good to be here been on youtube awhile now thought id join a community it seems chill on this site!
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    hey im new whats up

    Hey guys im mike gamer name is mikeyicon. I like to play nba 2k, cod, and ufc at the moment