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    PC Who's Your Daddy

    Game: Who's Your Daddy Platform: PC Number of People: 2 Timezone: MT Age: 18 Mission: well, if you are the baby, your mission is to die, and if you are the dad the mission is to keep the kid from dying. Subscribers: 52 Link to Channel:
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    I AM Bread

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    Daily Upload for Wednesday 4th November 2015

    First collaboration out of many! If anyone is interested in doing collabs with me, feel free to message me! I want to do a lot of collabs and hopefully some of my 47 subscribers will come and check you out :)
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    Sub4Subs, do you hate or love it?

    So obviously this is heavily biased towards my opinion, but the right reason to do YouTube is because you like recording and editing, and enjoy what you are doing. Not because you want views or subs, or likes or to be popular or whatever. It's because you enjoy it as a hobby :P
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    Sub4Subs, do you hate or love it?

    I hate it. It doesn't do anything for your channel like you said, other than make it look like you sub4subbed. On top of that, it also makes you look desperate and like you are only in YouTube to be famous - which is the epitome of wrong reason to do YouTube
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    Daily Upload for Thursday 22nd October 2015

    Due to the popularity of the last one... here's another one of this evil game.
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    Cat Mario Rage | Feedback Please :)

    So obviously my editing skills are fairly subpar. I use a free program and gosh diddly darn it I tried okay? Anyway, I know that practice makes perfect so I'm just wondering what you guys think I could do to make this video better. I know the mouse cursor is in the way, sorry about that.
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    Undertale Part 1 | Most Adorable Game

    This soundtrack is amazing though <3
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    What Programs/Hardware do you use to record?

    Sorry, I didn't see the pinned thread until now. And yes you are right, I just wasn't looking at the pinned threads I skipped over them. My bad dude.
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    Anybody else feel this struggle?

    Warning: A lot of swearing ahead. And no, my wrist is broken - the lighting is just really weird. Sidenote: I should be a model, that thumbnail is beautiful. :makeup::rofl:
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    PC Horror/Indie Game Co-Op

    Game: Cry of Fear or other Indie games of your choice Platform: PC or Xbox 360 Number of People: 2-4 Timezone: MT Age: 17 Mission: Just to have a good time on a indie or horror game with someone new and to expose both of our channels to each other's subscribers. Subscribers: 32 Link to Channel...
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    Daily Upload for Tuesday 13th October 2015

    Hey at least I got second post :)
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    What Programs/Hardware do you use to record?

    I used to use FRAPS, but the file sizes starting to weigh down my hard drive a lot, so I recently switched over to OBS. So now I record with OBS so I can record my facecam too, and so far it's been the best thing that works for me. When I record on the Xbox 360, I use the Roxio and the software...
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    Other Looking for Gameplays of CoD or Battlefield! :)

    Sounds good @imredd Do you have skype? I'm sure we can work something out :)