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    Hey all! I'm Chazzyvee :)

    Hi Chazzyvee! Welcome to Damnlag :) I saw your channel and I really enjoyed your most recent upload of Undertale! Just from watching your video I can tell you have a great personality :) Good luck on your channel, so far so good ^_^
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    Stranger Things!

    Has anyone watched Netflix's series Stranger Things? I've been addicted to it, and am already on the last episode! I will be watching it tonight once my boyfriend gets home from work, but I am going to miss the series so much :(! I heard they are going to be making a Season 2 though, but it will...
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    Hey everyone with school and college around the corner (and have already started for some) I thought I'd share my necessities and tips for college! This is my last year of college, so I am very excited to share this and hopefully get a lot of feedback on everyone else's tips and necessities as well.
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    Where are you from?

    Hey all :) I'm from California and am very happy to be from here. I love my state <3 I worked as a preschool teacher for a year, but now am just focusing on college (since it was difficult for me to do both at the same time) What motivated for me to do youtube was other girl gamers. I love...
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    50 SUBS | First Milestone!

    Congratulations ChickenKrispy! I've seen your videos and I can see all the time and effort you have put in each and every one of them. I'm happy to be one of your first subscribers. I can tell your channel really become very successful in the near future :)
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    Hey there :) I saw your videos and I really like your content. I can tell you're really dedicated to your channel. Subscribed! I like your fan names btw, "Ginger Pie Lovers" sounds so cute and catchy xD
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    H E L L O _ W O R L D !

    Hi Ren, I'm Keira. Welcome to DamnLag :)! I saw your video and so far it seems good! You have a really easy voice to listen to, and you seem pretty funny as well. I admit I chuckled when you said, "What are we going to do? I have no clue!....That wasn't scripted." lol. Keep up the good content!
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    FINGERS FOR SALE! 2 FOR 1 | Outlast - Part 5

    I really liked the title of your video. Very creative and catchy!
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    Do I have the Potential to grow?

    You should introduce yourself and the content of your video first. Oh and... Rules: "Posting videos is only allowed within your own'Video Promotion' thread."
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    How long should a lets play video maximum be ?

    I'd say 30 minutes should be the longest. It can be hard especially if you're really into a game, or you're stuck at a certain part and it's taking forever to complete it. I've had difficult keeping it under 30 minutes...I'm playing Life is Strange and sometimes I can just get super into it or...
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    Hey everyone! Today I uploaded my first non-gaming video. I really want to branch out into other types of videos (such as this one, and vlogging.) Any feedback would be greatly appreciated it. I admit, I was a bit nervous while filming. But I truly want to practice my speaking skills and I think...
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    What are your pet peeves when others either distribute or market their content?

    It really annoys me whenever I watch a popular youtuber's video (such as Markiplier or Pewdiepie) and I see in the comments people posting, "Please help me reach my goal of ___subs! I am so close and have worked so hard!" along those lines. It's even more annoying when those comments have actual...
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    Last Movie You Watched?

    Star Trek Beyond. 5/5 it was awesome, I recommend watching it in imax <3
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    Emerging Gaming Channel!

    Hi ChickenKrispy, welcome to Damnlag! Your channel looks awesome! I love all your thumbnails! They are very creative :)
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    New Gamer Here :)

    Thank you all for the warm welcome :) I'm really enjoying the forum and am glad I joined! It's my first youtube gaming community I am a part of! Also, @DJStitch91 I got the link to work. Thank you :)