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    Chainsaw wasn't as good as I'd hoped actually...
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    MASSIVE BOSS BATTLE - Dead Effect - Ep 5

    It's big, scary, and pink, IT'S AN ALASKAN BULL WORM! Oh, wait never mind, his name is Razor... that's a big zombie.
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    THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE - Dead Effect - Ep 4

    This went from 0 to 100 real quick...
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    ZOMBIE LEATHERFACE - Dead Effect - Ep 3

    The real question is how does a zombie without a brain start a chainsaw?
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    STUPID ZOMBIES - Dead Effect - Ep 2

    The zombies in this game are brain dead.
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    You wanna sub? Let me make that easy for you...

    You wanna sub? Let me make that easy for you
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    I like my subs like I like my girls, alive and willing to put up with me

    I like my subs like I like my girls, alive and willing to put up with me
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    ME VS ZOMBIE DOCTOR - Dead Effect - Ep 1

    I'm fighting zombies in space, every hyper-violent generation-Z pre-teen's dream.
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    Fortnite - Soccer is a Bad Idea

    Well, I can now confidently say if you waste time playing soccer in Fortnite bad things will happen.
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    Jinkr Gaming Best Moments/Funny Moments

    These are some of the best/funniest moments from my channel. I hope you enjoy it, and I included all the full video links in the description.
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    PC Let's Have Some Fun (Collab)

    Game: Gmod, GTA V, Gang Beasts, Ark, anything really, I also want CoD WWII so if you wanna play that then hit me up Platform: PC Number of People: 3-5, I have some friends already but they're not as active Timezone: US Eastern Age: 16+ Mission: BECOME THE WORLD SUPREME LEADER.... or grow my...
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    Shadow of War - Taking the First Fortress! (Funny Moments)

    Here are some funny moments from my First Seige in Shadow of War. This game is huge, way bigger than I realized.
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    PC Looking for Dedicated Funny YouTubers

    Game: Gmod, GTA, CoD WWII, Gang Beasts, basically up for anything Platform: PC Number of People: 3-5 Timezone: Eastern Timezone (UTC) Age: 17+, but if you feel really confident in your content as a young gun show me it Mission: YouTube for a living, I love making vids and entertaining people...