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    Daily Upload Thread for Sunday, June 7th 2020

    I worked close to a month on this video! Let me know what you think
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    I broke into my own house!

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    Suspended for smoking in 5th grade! - Animation (first video)

    Hey guys check out my first video and let me know what you think
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    ronn1eow1 - a new csgo channel, mostly scuffed

    Great video! I was surprisingly hooked
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    My YouTube channel

    Awesome man! I like the fact that youre trying to help this situation out
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    How do you get fast subscribers?

    I think youre doing well! Yea some channels have bought subs so dont worry about that. Keep consistent and keep upgrading your content and you'll get there in no time
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    Cynicsodes just reached 1k views on our first ever video!

    Congratulations! I cant wait to get to that point as well!
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    How is the Covid-19 Pandemic Effecting Content Creation for your Channel?

    I think im in a weird way thankful for the pandemic because it got me to try out youtube again and i havent been this happy in a while
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    I saw a youtuber talk about a great forum so i wanted to check it out.