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    Altered Beasts - IRL

    Watch Nick and I fail our way through nostalgia lane.
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    Dark Echo, Looking for feedback on first video.

    Although I'm realizing I didn't really give much feedback. Unfortunately, I don't have much for this one. It's short and well edited and has a great hook (oh boy). I'll be sure to check out more of your stuff to give you some better criticism to chew on. :)
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    Dark Echo, Looking for feedback on first video.

    Left a comment on your tubes! :D
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    New member! New Youtuber! How about some feedback?

    Welcome to DamnLag! The more you get invested in the community here, the more feedback and support you get. It's really great for finding advice on how to shape your channel! Keep on posting and I'll be sure to check you out. :D
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    Race the Sun - IRL

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    Retro Conan Style Adventure | Savage the Shard of Gosen

    lol. Brb I need to go crush my enemies.
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    Retro Conan Style Adventure | Savage the Shard of Gosen

    Conan, what is best in life?!
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    Hello, friends, my name is Ranmaru :)

    Welcome to the DamnLag! You get what you give here, so be active! Alien: Isolation is high on my list of games I need to play. Only problem is that list is huge.
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    New Gaming Channel from Texas :)

    DamnLag needs more poets like you. Welcome to the community! Be involved with others and they'll be involved with your channel!
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    150 Sub Goal + GIVEAWAY

    Hi DamnLag! Didn't see you there! This is Instant Replay Live and we're at 129 subscribers as of posting, we're shooting for 150! Our channel has a few series so far, but we do a bit of everything and we've got a bunch more content and collabs with some of our favorite tubers on the way! At...
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    This is SO MUCH WORSE!

    Checking it out now!
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    I would really like some tips on better videos

    Welcome to Damnlag! I'll be posting on your tubes my thoughts in regards to your request! :D And posting here is a great way to drum up advice and good channel friendships.
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    I DO GFX

    Welcome to Damnlag! Always nice to see youtubers with different talents here, look forward to seeing more of your stuff!
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    A Channel All About Us Small People :)

    GTA V shenanigans are always welcome here! Get involved with Damnlag and Damnlag will get involved with you! Glad to have you in the forum. :D
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    New channel. Need help

    Welcome to DamnLag! Checking out your channel now! I'll leave some constructive criticism there for ya! Stay active and this place is great for feedback and networking!