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    Yeah sorry it was delayed long enough for me to worry it wasn't just a delay
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    Yeah it did it took a bit like good 5 minutes so I was worried I had messed up something.
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    Is it 25 posts in general like replies and threads, or do we have to post 25 threads?
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    How long after 25 does it usually take?
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    Do you go to gamestop?

    Yeah that's completely understandable. They don't have a strong place in the PC world, they even acknowledge that working there.
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    Hello awesome person :) We are LuckyLosers (and surprise, surprise, new here!)

    Hi, welcome there's alot of great forums to check out for advice and help for anything you can think of.
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    Giant Space Crab

    Sooooo... Has anyone done an over the top lets play of it?
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    Do you go to gamestop?

    Don't usually go unless I need something right away, or they have a sale. I worked there so I don't hate it the way everyone else does, I hate it the way ex employees do. I understand how the system works and why certain things are the way they are, so I tend to stay away except for things that...
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    New YouTube Channel shows UP!

    Hey welcome and good luck.
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    Yet another Gaming Channel!

    Welcome. Lots' of nice and helpful people here. The Forums for collabing are great
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    Just uploaded my first video on my new channel!

    Hey welcome. I don't play runescape but I like the video idea still, that's a cool kinda guide that tells you what you need and how long it'll take
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    100 Subscribers!

    Good Luck on your goal -doesn't watch video -goes on you tube -listens to this -you know I'm just kidding
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    Greetings Brothers & Sisters

    Welcome. Alot of nice folks around here, they're very helpful
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    Hey all Mickster180 here & I do abit of everything!

    Welcome and congrats on 50
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    That one Zodiac kid, you heard of him?

    Hey welcome. Nice use of memes in your video