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    What should I do if my video are being stolen?

    I would start by not drawing more attention to his video. Report the video on YouTube and let them deal with him, but for now try and get people to watch yours over theirs. Add a pinned comment on top saying something along the lines of "There is another channel called *enter channel name here*...
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    Hi I'm ThoughtBubbleTV! Nice to Meet You!

    Welcome! :) I feel the same way about YouTube being used as a creative outlet. It's a good hobby to have.
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    A question about content

    Depends how entertaining it is. If there are quiet moments where not a lot is happening and it's boring to watch then I would rather they were cut out. A lot of people would probably click away at that point due to a low attention span. I prefer funny gaming videos that are short and have a lot...
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    Fairly New Member

    Hey guys! I joined this forum a few days ago and I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself since I haven't done so yet. So, nice to meet you my name is Foxy and I am a Scottish lass with a super awkward personality. I am a chill gamer so prefer to play for fun and laugh at my...
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    How did you find out about Damnlag?

    I found out about this site on Reddit
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    Where are you from?

    Hey, I'm a Scottish lass and in my spare time I create entertaining gaming videos for fun as a hobby and walk my sisters dog. My channel is over 2 years old and I decided to start creating gaming videos because I wanted to learn a new skill and have something fun to do as a hobby. I had already...
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    Just a Scottish lass in her 20's creating funny gaming videos as a hobby on YouTube. My channel...

    Just a Scottish lass in her 20's creating funny gaming videos as a hobby on YouTube. My channel consists of mostly League of Legends content with some variety gaming. I also occasionally upload unboxing videos (BTS albums, Yu-Gi-Oh booster boxes, anime figures, etc) and vlogs if I go away on day...
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    Music in videos

    Bit of both. Have commentary with some low volume music in the background.
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    channel name

    What are your likes/interests and what type of content do you do?
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    Some ways to help get your videos noticed

    I agree with the part that you will get ignored if you ask people to check out your channel in the comments. I personally don't check out anyone's channel if it's their first time commenting on one of my videos and they ask me to check out their content. Talk to me, not ask me to do something...
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    I'm a new member!

    I'm a new member as well, so we are in the same boat.
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    A guide for promotion: Self Promo 101.

    Twitter I find hard to gain a following on, but I do see it working for other people so guess I just got to stick to it.