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    Hi, Im a new Let's Player

    Welcomeee dude :D
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    Change out a word in a video game with Potato

    Call of Duty: Advanced Potato
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    My favorite sport

    Football (Soccer) & Basketball are my two most favourite sports.
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    elgato to sony vegas audio issue

    You can try to record your voice separately on "Audacity" and sync them together in Vegas. This shouldn't give you any problems.
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    Button Mash Gaming

    Welcome dude.
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    Portraying a character in videos?

    Stick to your style, be yourself, no matter how much publicity you get, you will get alot of hate, people will know. Building your fanbase around yourself is what a proper Youtube channel consists off, just lighten up your mood a little, record when you are happy, but don't do anything fake...
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    Anyone else use OBS to record?

    OBS is a good recording software, however I now use Shadowplay, as the file size is small, the quality of the video is very high, and you can shadow record the past 20 minutes of your game if you were not recording. ^^ Another good option that alot of PC gamers use is Dxtory.
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    Wassup everyone ButtonMashBob here!!

    Haha, the style of this video is hilarious. xD Welcome dude. :P
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    Need an Outro

    There's nothing wrong in asking for an outro, however you should concentrate more on building a fan/viewer base, once you become more popular you can concentrate on all the channel details like all the famous Youtubers have. Just a friendly tip, as on my other channel (3 years back), with a...
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    Mic Advice

    I have a Blue Snowball with a Dual Layer Pop Filter, and I can say that the microphone is amazing. ^^ I just wear headphones and use my snowball in-game and everywhere else to speak.
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    Fraps audio cutting?

    FRAPS is terrible for recording. Good recording programmes are: - Shadowplay - Dxtory - OBS Record your gameplay in either of them, and record your voice separately on "Audacity", just sync everything up in your editing software after you're done. :)
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    Gaming Banners

    Can you PLEASE display some of your best pieces of art? So I at least know how good you are.
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    Hey Guys, Jan Solo Here!

    Nice channel dude, if you're looking for a collaboration on any nice FPS/fun game on PC, please hit me up. ^^ I really like the quality of your channel.
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    professional Channel art!!

    What do you mean by "professional", I know artists that actually work as graphics designers, they charge £100 for a whole pack. Can you display a few links to some of your "professional" art please, because people would want to see the quality/style of your work before actually adding you. :P
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    PC GAMER *Professional* YouTube collaboration pls? :P

    Yo. I'm Force V and I am currently looking for a "professional YouTube collaboration", by this I mean, GOOD microphone, a VOICE that is NOT squeaky, and someone who actually enjoys recording videos. ^^ I'm a PC gamer, you can add me on Steam & Skype. Skype: ForceVFive Steam...