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    Old games can become popular again

    As everyone has noticed recently that Among Us has peaked at 388,385 players on Steam this past week. This game released back in November 2018 and in its first 6 months, it had a peak average player count of 8.2 people. Its currently the 3rd highest played game, the most viewed game on...
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    Anyone wanna collaboration with me

    Something to help you find someone wanting to collaborate with you would be to list the consoles or platforms you wish to collaborate with on, and the games that you'd like to collaborate on specifically.
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    Ready to collaborate. PS4 only

    Some things that would be helpful to find someone else wanting to collaborate on PlayStation 4 would be to list some of the games you have or are looking forward to purchasing for future content.
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    Don't be afraid to get ideas from other Creators

    If you're like me, you're most likely a subscriber to many YouTube creators already. If you pay attention to those creators you follow, they do things differently than others and sometimes even do things that are new to you. Whether that's a style of editing, visual effects or just the way they...
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    about repeated content

    As long as the content you're uploading is content created by you, then you should have no issues monetizing it. Just make sure that your channel follows YouTube monetization polices, which include YouTube's Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, Copyright, and Google Adsense program policies.
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    Hi I'm CHQ Karaoke.

    Hello @CHQ.Karaoke, welcome to the community!
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    New Here

    Hello @King_niko5, welcome to the community!
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    Hey @elton29, welcome to the community!
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    A Re-introduction

    Hey, welcome back! ;)
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    I Am Here

    Hello, welcome to the community!
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    New To Twitch and YouTube

    Hello, welcome to the community!
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hello, welcome to the community!
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    New Game Review Channel | Super Geek Bros.

    Hello, welcome to the community!
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    A video about my 1 year on YouTube. Will I get copyrighted if I use gaming trailer footage?

    Well if its not your content, then there's always that chance you could get a copyright strike.
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    Hello fellow Streamers & YouTubers!

    Hello, welcome back to the community! Seems the pandemic has allowed alot of people the opportunity to get back into YouTube and streaming. Hope your passion continues and you become successful at it. :)