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    Starbound Coop Gameplay Part 9 - Our First Artifact!

    Leeroy and I jump back into Starbound with our nose on the grindstone. We head straight for our first artifact, but we don't stop there.
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    It's Probably A Dumb Question

    Thanks a lot friend! This has all been very useful information.
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    PC Looking to Colab

    Game: My channel has mostly Minecraft with some Starbound and No Man's Sky, but i'm open to a lot of different games. Let me know what games you play in the reply and I'm sure we can find some common ground, though I'm not very competitive. Platform: PC Number of People: Any? Timezone: I'm in...
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    What do you like in a Youtuber?

    So I was just wondering, maybe it would be helpful for some people, but what do you guys look for when watching youtube channels? I'm not necessarily talking about subject, more like the traits that you look for in the youtuber specifically? Are they funny? Analytical? Informative? What do you...
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    How to re-enjoy MC?

    I started playing challenge/quest maps like Divine Journey and Project Ozone and stuff like that and it rekindled the love for me.
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    An English Gent Gaming

    Great channel man, full of laughs.
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    Good Recording Softwares :)

    I prefer Shadowplay. I was using OBS for a while, but shadowplay just runs much better.
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    Best Editing Software for Gaming Videos!

    I use Blender, which is free. It's also a 3d graphics program though, so it probably isn't for everybody, but it does what I ask it to do.
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    Divine Journey, A Really Hard Modpack

    Would love feedback on the channel if you have any!
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    It's Probably A Dumb Question

    I started a Youtube Channel not long ago, but I don't think I grasp this SEO too awfully well. Can someone tell me the best way to utilize it and understand it?
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    A Quick Introduction!

    I'm BPD Games and I just started a new Youtube Gaming Channel. I am really excited to join the community, get some feedback, and hopefully even collaborate with some of you guys!