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    Albino Lullaby - Part 3

    Finally getting somewhere in this game! And it's seems like the destination is straight to hell!
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    Whats the Worst way someone has tried to get you to Subscribe to them?

    Whenever I follow someone and I get one of those messages, I immediately unfollow them. Not only are the messages half ass put together most of the time, but I think it shows a lack of effort on their part to try and legitimately get to know their community. It's a turn off to me. Especially if...
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    Haunted house on ACID || Albino Lullaby - Part 1

    Haha I agree! Right now its a lot of eye candy. But things start to get a little creepier in the third video. Should be up tomorrow.
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    REALLY NEED HELP! Videos out of sync!

    I don't know if you have this option or not, but when you render the video try using a constant bitrate (CBR). Sometimes variable bitrates can cause sync issues. The downside to that is YouTube can't stream it with a variable bitrate to accommodate for network lag. But as long as you don't...
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    Adobe Premiere Pro Questions.

    It can be done a lot easier simply using keyframes. Depending on the zoom effect you're going for, you will need either 3 or 4 keyframes. In both cases, your first keyframe and last keyframe serve as anchor points for what is your normal zoom (the correct term in PP CC is scale). Then in...
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    WHO THE **** IS BUCK? || Albino Lullaby

    Part 2 of Albino Lullaby! This game just gets stranger and stranger. And the creepy vibe is really starting to creep up my spine. There is something very unsettling about this whole thing!
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    Haunted house on ACID || Albino Lullaby - Part 1

    This game is CRAZY! It's like Spooky's House of Jump Scares without all the jump scares and like half a sheet of LSD! I'm not even kidding. This is such a refreshing take on indie horror. You really should play it for yourself if you can!
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    YouTube Networks = Just a copyright shield or more?

    Well said Phantom! The thing about the "free music" is it is provided as a benefit of being partnered with that particular network. Once you are no longer partnered you no longer receive that benefit and any video you made using it puts your channel at risk.
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    Channel of the Month #14 (September 2015) - Voting/Entries

    My Channel: My Votes: @CaptainSauce @Co1dCutCombo @CKtv @AJPatz @TheMickensBros
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    Dxtory, Shadowplay, OBS/ Xsplit... Help?

    Another thing you can do with OBS is use the noise gate settings. There are quite a few tutorials on YouTube about using the noise gate functionality.
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    Having a Face cam VS Not

    I gotta agree with you there. I use facecam on all of my videos because of the reasons you mentioned. It's about connecting with people and building a relationship so to speak; it's not about the game for me at all. Another reason for me is it just seems logical. The appeal of watching someone...
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    Issues with D3DGear

    What codec are you using to record? I had similar problems in the past when using the H.264 codec. I started using the Fast Motion JPEG codec and any choppiness/artifacts disappeared.
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    I will be starting my youtube gaming channel soon.......... but

    I would recommend a cardioid microphone. Or at least one that has a setting for that. That will help keep your audio as clean as possible.
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    I will be starting my youtube gaming channel soon.......... but

    Then that's what you should do. But just put your own twist on it and make it unique to you.
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    I will be starting my youtube gaming channel soon.......... but

    I have one piece of advice. DO NOT MAKE A VIDEO THAT YOU YOURSELF WOULD NOT ENJOY WATCHING. That should answer your question right there. Which would YOU rather watch? Commentary or no commentary? Don't do anything on YouTube because you feel you have to. Do it because you want to.