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    AllSpiky Channel Trailer

    Heya guys !! I've been here for some time but I've never done my channel trailer before. So I'm here to share with you guys ! :D I play mostly horror games, funny games or...whatever the hell I found here and there XD Feel free to leave some feedback or if you feel like playing something with...
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    Hi everyone,new here!

    Welcome to the community =)
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    How many YouTube Channels Do you Manage?

    Just one here =)
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    UK Meet Up with Damnlag Community

    I find idea awesome. Nothing better than a bunch o gamers/youtubers getting together to help each other or to make new connections. SADLY I won't be able to go anytime because I'm from Portugal. However, I like and I agree with the idea and the concept behind it. Everyone getting a conference...
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    Hello! I uploaded games!:D

    Welcome to the community ! Like DjStitch91 said, your thumbnails are really good ! Keep that up :D
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    Do you have any pre-recording rituals?

    No sound for the phone, that's for sure !! xD
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    Hey guys. I am happy to be here

    Heya and welcome to the community Jordan ! :D
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    Looking For a Gmod Group for Saturday Streams

    Heya ! I don't do much streams but I do play and record gmod for my channels with a group of friends/youtubers. We are always looking for people to play with us. Let me know if you want =)
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    I got it yeah, but I don't use it as much =)
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    Monty Oum - unbelievable talent - R.I.P

    A allergic reaction or something like that if I'm not mistaken... R.I.P.
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    New channel art

    looks really cool and funny :D
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    Leaving Freedom and looking for a gaming network...

    I have no partnership so far but the problems I had with the content were solved the moment a sent a message to youtube saying the content was totally mine. The music that I eventually use are all free copyrights so I can monetized every video. Of course I give the credit to those who deserve...
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    Please Help Support Me, I Need Love.....

    Welcome to the community and good luck with your channel :D
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    Hi guys...

    Welcome to the community ! :D Anything you need, let us know :D