Rose-Play S14: E1: Let's Play Halo on Legendary All Skulls On (LASO) Part 1

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Nov 6, 2017 at 6:00 PM
Posted by Aurian MoonRose
On This Legendary Difficulty, with all Skulls on there is BLACK EYE: Your Shields only recharge when you melee enemies, BOOM: Explosion Radius is increased x2, FOG: The motion Tracker is disabled, EYE PATCH: Auto aim feature is disabled for all weapons, FOREIGN: Covenant weapons can not be picked up or be used, FAMINE: Weapons dropped by AI have half the amo they normally would, GRUNT BIRTHDAY PARTY: Grunt headshots lead to glorious celebrations, GRUNT FUNRAL: When Grunts die they set off a Plasma Grenade explosion, IRON: Death carries a heavy price with any player dying in co-op reseting instantly all players to last checkpoint and dying in solo leading to full restart of level, MALFUNCTON: Every time a Player re-spawns a random element of your Hud is Disabled, MYTHIC: Enemies have increased health,, RECESSION: Every shot is worth twice the ammo. On today's Episode we meet Master Chief... and Master Chief... Wait, What!? lol, Try to escape a semi exploding ship with no shields 50% of the time, and we learn that you just can't explode just one Grunt ;) lol. NEW EPISODE TUESDAY NOVEMBER 7, 2017. -- Watch live at
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