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  1. Gaming On YouTube is Dying: Here's Why

    While Gaming on YouTube is still a common hobby for content creators to make. I'm going to explain how Gaming on YouTube is dying.
  2. 10 Most Expensive Things YouTubers Bought

    YouTube, content, views, more views, monetized views = Expensive purchases. Here's 10 expensive purchases that YouTuber's have made.
  3. How to Auto Share YouTube Videos to Facebook

    A lot of content creators have facebook pages or actively share their YouTube videos to their Facebook walls. Wouldn't it be nice if you could have it done automatically? Well, there is a way!
  4. Moving Away From YouTube

    Having recently made the switch from uploading to YouTube to streaming on Twitch, I thought I'd share my thoughts on making the move in the hopes it may help others thinking of doing the same or similar.