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  1. Two New Xbox Controllers Hit the Market Next Week

    Like collecting special edition controllers? Xbox is releasing two new special edition controller designs early next week for the Xbox One.
  2. Why are Scary Games Popular on YouTube?

    YouTube is filled with Resident Evil 7 gameplay this past week. Its a scary game and people love scary games. So why are scary games so popular on YouTube?
  3. Twitch Streamer Falls Asleep During Live Stream

    You know when you're playing a game, streaming live on Twitch and you're getting tired you usually get off and go to bed. Well, not this guy. He passed out live on stream and his viewers are loving it.
  4. PewDiePie Wants Most Dislikes on Single Video

    Could we all be wrong about what it takes to be the most powerful channel on YouTube? Could it be possible that the most dislikes will make your channel powerful on YouTube? Who would want 1 million+ dislikes on a single video?
  5. Keys To Success For The Nintendo NX

    With the Nintendo NX set to reveal in about 20 minutes, I thought I'd take a brief look back at the Wii U, and share my thoughts about what Nintendo needs to do to make the NX as successful as the Wii.