YouTube Says Good Bye to 301+, Hello Up-to-Date View Count

No longer will you need to wait patiently to see how many views you actually have on that new video. YouTube removes 301+ freeze altogether.
By GameOverViper, Published: Aug 8, 2015 | Updated: Jan 19, 2016 | | |
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    Until now, people (and a few sneaky robots) watched a video, store on many servers around the world. The views were recorded centrally to be verified as real.

    When a video passed 300 views, YouTUbe froze the view count while they checked for spam. Hence, the legend of 301+. After a few hours, they'd update the view count with validated views.

    Now, people (and a few sneaky robots) watch a video, stored on many servers around the world. YouTube counts views and they're confident came from real people as they're recorded, and keep reviewing the rest.

    Farewell 301+, Hello, more up-to-date view counts!

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  1. Ninja Ferret
    Still wanna be in the under 301 club q.q, Now I just need to get there early.
  2. DatXboxGuy
    Thank god is what 99% of Creators will be thinking!
  3. Ahmad
    Goodbye Under 301 club you will not be missed
      DatXboxGuy likes this.
  4. CluelessSmartGirl
    I'm quite disappointed, actually. That was kinda the sign that you were a 'big' YouTuber. At least in my opinion. And I was hoping maybe I'd reach that point one day.
    And now I'll never get there :(
    Oh well :) I suppose there won't be those annoying comments of 'under 301', which is a plus.
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  5. Kaydos the Game Mage
    This was never an issue for me. ;)
    1. SplitScreen
      ikr :D
      SplitScreen, Aug 8, 2015