YouTube Announces Live TV Service

YouTube is attacking cable TV networks and launching its very own live television service called YouTube TV.
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    YouTube is attacking cable TV networks and launching its very own live television service called YouTube TV.

    The service will include content from networks such as, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, USA, FX, ESPN, and many of the other networks you get from basic cable packages.

    It will function like a cable network, it will also offer premium packages and networks that you can pick and choose according to Philip DeFranco.

    YouTube also promises a cloud DVR service "with no storage limits," although there is a nine-month time limit to how long YouTube holds onto your recordings.

    YouTube TV will cost $35 a month for 6 accounts. You can't yet signup for it, but you can signup for an email alert that will let you know when the service becomes available here.

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  1. aaronr
    I have Comcast cable right now. Does anyone recommend switching to Youtube TV if I already have Netflix and Amazon Video? I really only watch Comedy Central, the Food Channel, local stations (I live in SF), and sports. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
    1. GameOverViper
      Well, it depends on the price you pay for cable with Comcast. The price everyone pays at Comcast varies from customer to customer so I've learned. How many TV's/boxes do you have with Comcast in your house that you use? Are your TV's smart TV's? I know I have Comcast for the high speed internet and with the basic cable package I get it cheaper, so I have access to my local channels that way. However, I'm not sure about local stations for YouTube.
      GameOverViper, Apr 23, 2017
  2. John dray
    Personally, I really like YouTube and all the content it provides, but I think it may be a far reach For anyone to suggest that it will dominate. If anything, I think it might provide some sorts of inconviences opposed to regular tv providers and programs like Netflix. But it still sounds cool, though I'll most likely be sticking to Netflix.
  3. Sarcosana Gaming
    How could this possibly kill Netflix any time soon? Youtube doesn't have a reputation for super high quality content. Except for the big ones the platform is still filled with hobby creators.