Yogscast JINGLE JAM Charity Christmas Streams

The Yogscast have begun their yearly charity livestreams for the month of December. Another Humble Bundle to boot. All proceeds go to charity!...
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  1. The Yogscast, for the last few years, have been doing charity livestreams every day in the month of December. They team up with Humble Bundle and various game devs to set up a specific Yogscast Bundle for the charities of the year.

    This year they are supporting such charities as Cancer Research, Oxfam, and the Mental Health Foundation.



    The Bundle includes multiple games, with more being added over the month of December.


    All proceeds go directly to the charities, as well as all of the subscription fees paid on their Twitch channel. Be sure to follow the streams and donate where you can.

    Enjoy the streams, enjoy the games, and give something back this Christmas.

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  1. Noury
    Really nice of you c: will surely donate
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  2. Sentenza Gaming
    This is a good way to gather donations for noble causes! Will definitely drop by the stream.
      Waistel likes this.