Why is Twitter Important for a YouTube Creator?

Keep people coming back by using tools that are free and available to everyone. Twitter happens to be a very popular site that people use to alert...
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    Twitter is a great tool to use for pretty much anything. It actually helped me build this community from nothing to over 15,000 members. I've managed to get our Twitter profile at @Damnlag up to 18.9K followers over time.

    While it can't make everyone stay active in the community or keep them coming back to your YouTube channel, forcing them to watch your videos. It can help inform people of new videos you've uploaded and tell those who still follow your Twitter what's new with you, your channel or community.

    There's no legit method for keeping people coming back to your channel every day, commenting on your new videos and showing the support that you see on many of these large channels. That's up to you to produce quality, entertaining content. People have their own lives and tend to not even get on a computer some days. It could be work, family, events, or the fact that they just aren't into your channel anymore. It doesn't mean they'll unsubscribe from you, it just means that you have another inactive subscriber who isn't contributing anything to your channel other than helping raise that subscriber number a little bit.

    Twitter can help you bring back those inactive people from time to time. It can't keep those inactives from going inactive again. But it does help by putting your posts in their face and telling them hey you just uploaded this new video. It might not be something they're interested in. But if its something they are interested in, they can click the link and watch the video. Bringing an inactive user back for a few minutes again.

    While YouTube does a good job at showing a user what the channels they're subscribed to uploads on a daily basis with the social feed, people are not always on YouTube watching and waiting for a new video to popup out of nowhere. They're more likely to be on Twitter or another social media site such as Facebook. Unless they're watching other YouTube videos. It could be anything, but the point is they could see your post on Twitter and come back.

    Twitter not only helps inactive users come back, it helps you find new subscribers. You can use hashtags in your posts. People tend to search Twitter for specific hashtags to find content that interests them the most.

    Not only that, but you can follow people that you know are into the same stuff as you. Chances are they might follow you back. You guys hit it off, exchange some direct messages, like each others tweets and then you both tell each other about your YouTube channels. Chances are you and the person you just followed already have automatic direct messages informing each other of your YouTube channels. I know every time I follow some people on Twitter now, I always get those automatic "hey check out my channel DM's". Just don't overkill it when making those.

    You can sponsor your own tweets and reach more people on Twitter. I can't tell you how great the campaigns work on Twitter, but for a couple bucks I'm sure you can figure out whether it helps or doesn't help your channel.

    If you're trying to run an active, daily upload, YouTube channel. Twitter is a great way to keep your subscribers in the know. Keep them alert and coming back to your channel anyway possible. People can turn on notifications to know when you tweet something and know right away.

    Take advantage of everything that you have available and stay active at using those tools. You probably won't see much change right away, but keep working with the tools available and over time you'll see that they help in the long run.

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  1. thinkgear
    great article. Social media interaction always supporting to grow our channels :)
  2. Zamek
    Should i make one for my YouTube?
  4. imKingJoseph
    i use twitter to promote my youtube videos as well, and to connect with my subscribers and viewers. i daily upload so posting to twitter helps bring back old viewers and also bring in new viewers.
      GameOverViper likes this.
  5. syedady
    Can you share how to do it! I mean how can we promote youtube channel on Twitter. I have posting links but no one views.
    1. GameOverViper
      Well its not necessarily a guide on getting people to watch the stuff you share. It is a way to allow other people to find your content and watch it, if it interests them that is. Maybe you don't have that many followers who are active, maybe you're sharing at the wrong times of the day. It could be many reasons why nobody is watching your stuff. Play around with different times and content, expand your audience on both twitter and the other platforms you use.
      GameOverViper, Oct 30, 2017
  6. Phrenic1
    Agree with most people. Twitter is very hard to promote on when starting out. Ive been trying to promote my youtube channel on there for a couple weeks now. I've gotta 1 or 2 likes per post but too much. I would just try and keep at it!
    1. GameOverViper
      I'm not sure what exactly you post on your twitter, but if you post other things like meme's, polls or other stuff that gets people who follow you engaging in your posts, it helps when you post something that you'd like people to click on or check out. It shows that hey, I'm a real person and not just a person who shares links to my YouTube.
      GameOverViper, Oct 14, 2017
  7. creativehousee
    Twitter has limited word count just 100+ sometimes that hard to describe the hole content. Otherwise, it best for YouTube my personal opinion.
      Eldridge Coutinho likes this.
    1. GameOverViper
      It can be tricky, but you can do a lot with 140 characters in most cases.
      GameOverViper, Oct 14, 2017
  8. Gamie
    I think it works when you already have ample followers
      Eldridge Coutinho likes this.
    1. GameOverViper
      Getting the followers is a challenge, but following the follow for follow method and looking around for YouTubers to follow is how I grew my twitter. Of course I would unfollow anyone who chose not to follow mine. It might seem like a bad technique to getting followers, but I've grown to over 21,000 now doing it and its helped me build this community. So in a way, Twitter and follow for follow works.
      GameOverViper, Oct 14, 2017
  9. Eldridge Coutinho
    I know twitter helps a lot but so far It hasn't helped me that much! Maybe I need to learn how to use it better
    1. GameOverViper
      It wasn't easy and still isn't the best performing for myself when it comes to links in tweets, but it has built this community and its how I've grown our discord server to over 700 members now by doing direct messages. You may have found us from a direct message on twitter. :p
      GameOverViper, Oct 14, 2017
  10. renaxerus
    Ive never been on twitter before in my life. Ive practicly given up on social media but since ive restarted my channel Ive been thinking about getting back on. Does twitter help you get more views/channel traffic? its so tempting to go back to the big social media platforms again XD
      syedady and Eldridge Coutinho like this.
    1. Eldridge Coutinho
      its so crowded these days so you really have to stand out with something unique i guess
      Eldridge Coutinho, Sep 13, 2017
    2. GameOverViper
      Anything that allows you to promote your channel and videos is something worth doing. Getting your channel and your videos in more places than just on YouTube can help you attract viewers in other communities and sites, grab attention from google searches that that website gets.
      GameOverViper, Oct 14, 2017
    3. GameOverViper
      It might not be a success over night, but if it helps get 1 or 2 views, its helping in some way. Each view, subscriber and comment adds up.
      GameOverViper, Oct 14, 2017