Why are Scary Games Popular on YouTube?

YouTube is filled with Resident Evil 7 gameplay this past week. Its a scary game and people love scary games. So why are scary games so popular on...
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    You're most likely a big fan of scary games. They're fun to play because you like to be frightened. You're open to being frightened when you know that its just a video game, so you're more likely to play a scary game on your television than you are to go inside a real haunted house to spend the night.

    People like the adrenaline rush that comes from playing scary games. You're more focused when you play a scary game, because you know eventually something is going to pop up and scare the shit out of you. The jump scares freak people out.

    People love to see the reactions of people freaking out from something scary. Lots of videos on YouTube today are scare pranks and they accumulate hundreds of views because people find it entertaining to watch. Many are great to watch, others not so much.

    So when Resident Evil 7 released last week, it was no surprise that nearly every YouTube creator was recording lets play videos of the game. Each person also had a video camera recording there reactions as well.

    More and more YouTube creators have started using video cameras to record both gameplay and them self playing the game so that they can share there reactions with the viewers. That's why you're more likely to get more views from a video playing Resident Evil 7 with a video camera of yourself, than a video playing Resident Evil 7 without a video camera of yourself. However that's not always the case like you can see theRadBrad plays without a video camera and has gained well over a million views.

    PewDiePie, the most subscribed channel on YouTube has played many scary games over the years. He thrives on them. He knows things are going to scare the shit out of him, but he does it anyways because its both fun for him and fun for the viewers watching him freak out. He also uses a camera to record his reactions. People love to watch his reactions. So maybe that's why his videos receive far more views than theRadBrad. However, there's a 45.9 million subscriber difference between the two channels so its debatable.

    Now, many times YouTube creators can be a little ridiculous when it comes to reactions and it not always looks surreal. So don't pretend to be scared if you're not scared. People are quick to notice when someone is faking stuff on YouTube. So if you're not scared when it comes to scary games, maybe scary games are not something you should record for entertaining YouTube videos. I'm not saying don't play them. If you want a challenge of playing a scary game and you know you're not scared easily, then point that out in the beginning of your video series and let the viewers see whether you end up standing strong or end up crying yourself to sleep in a corner.

    Have you recorded a scary gameplay video before? Do you use a camera to record your reactions?

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  1. SincereApology13
    there reactions are so great tho
  2. ZCo
    its always funny to see how the creator acts infront of the camera.
  3. ReaperPT
    they are popular cause of reactions :D
  4. MaddZax
    I was checking over my Steam library recently, and noticed its pretty much filled with horror games lol.
  5. Shweebe
    I can totally understand this. Yes it's true it gets tons of views because nothing is funnier than seeing someone pee their pants over a game. I'm guilty of doing the same thing. The first horror game a played I made sure to have web cam and whilst I was editing the footage later I laughed my butt off ... at myself!! 'Cause the reactions of seeing my face in complete shock and fear was priceless. I can also understand that it's not for everyone, but to each is own.
  6. Instinktive
    People find it funny
  7. TheToastGamer
    I love horror games, currently going through resident evil, but I want to move onto outlast definitely
  8. Purpleoak
    I freaking love horror games lol The feeling of fear actually will overcome me when I'm playing games that I don't know if something is going to jump out at me or what
  9. bearoclock
    Im Normally really good i dont get a shock but this game has me on edge on my walkthrough
  10. LegoPrince
    I'm okay when it comes to films and stuff, but a video game, man, I can't handle that! I freak out and get goosebumps, cold shivers. My lady even made me jump that much my charge cable came out of the pS4.