What is the Channel of the Month, How do I Enter?

Each month, YouTube channels nominate a selection of five channels each to become the months Channel of the Month. At the same time, they enter...
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    Each month, members vote and enter in the monthly Channel of the Month competition we host here on the Damnlag forums. We've been running this event ever since we started the website up. We're currently on our thirty third month. It should be somewhere around forty, but we've had downtime with the site and switched from a few different forum software since our first launch of the site. So some months have been missed and not accounted for.

    You can view this Channel of the Month Hall of Fame thread to check out all the channels who have won the event each month.

    This event is a friendly event. Its not a competitive event. Its something that we host to encourage the community to come together and share our support for one another. A new channel usually always wins each month, but we've had a few that have won more than once before.

    The event is designed so that each person who enter's into the next Channel of the Month event must first vote for five different channels who are on the list for this months event. Everyone listed on this months list has voted and entered in the previous months competition. So in order to enter you must vote for the five channels you wish to see have a shot at becoming the channel that wins. At the end of the month when voting and registration closes, we take all the names voted for and tally them up. Whoever was nominated the most is our Channel of the Month.

    Now, there's been a couple times where two members have tied with the amount of nominations. To figure out a single winner for the month we use a random generator and put the two in it. The random generator then decides a winner. Its quick, simple and helps us find a single winner for the month. It'd be great to have more than one winner a month, but its just how we've been doing it since we started so for now we'll stick with one winner.

    The person who is Channel of the Month gets their channel shared through numerous locations. The sidebar of the forum has the Channel of the Month channel listed with a subscribe button all month long. We send out tweets periodically throughout the month announcing the previous months winner and promoting the voting/entry of the next event. Our Facebook page is also another spot that announces the event winner.

    If you're interested in voting and registering for the next Channel of the Month event, head over to this forum and look for the stickied thread at the top.

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    Hope I get to be channel of the month! :D
    This is awesome
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    Great thing to hear ..Channel of the month :)
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