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The PlayStation Plus community decides what games are to become free with the all-new "Vote to Play." Games that don't win in the lineup, can be...
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    John Koller, vice president of PlayStation Marketing, confirmed this week a new feature coming to PlayStation Plus program members called "Vote to Play."

    Subscribers to the online service will be able to vote on a selection of PlayStation 4 titles with the winning game being offered for free the following month as part of the Instant Game Collection.

    Koller also states, "If your choice doesn't get chosen, don't worry. In the first promotion, PlayStation Plus members can get the runner ups at a discount."

    No details have been provided on when the promotion will begin or what games will be included in the first wave, but a NeoGAF user who spotted a video about the new feature yesterday took this screenshot to show us how the voting process will look.


    Zombie Vikings, Armello and Grow Home are listed with numbers 1, 2, 3 above them showing which position they are in for the votes from the community. It looks like the vote from the user taking this image voted for a Armello which is in last place. Still has 19 days and 6 hours left for it to be overturned by other members.

    This is just a minor feature that allows the community to be more involved in telling PlayStation what they want.

    Sources: PlayStation Blog, NeoGAF

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  1. Ahmad
    actually almost got a vita
  2. Oshikorosu
    Hopefully this system works well, which I have no reason to think it wouldn't. If it's open for public voting, then we'll see more of the types of games available for free download that we expect.