Until Dawn's Success Is Scary

Until Dawn has grown much larger than expected. Why is that?
By Absomonilute, Published: Oct 5, 2015 | | |
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  1. Until Dawn has been a huge success not only in design and story but also in sales. "We could say that it's a sleeper hit." states Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida. Or a game that had limited marketing yet became a huge success. The popularity of the game was so much that it even surprised Sony selling over 17,000 units in the first week, but this game was not marketed the same way as a AAA game to make room for those upcoming during the holiday season.

    "That's a really great thing for the future of the interactive drama genre. We're a big fan of this genre. These games can talk to a broader audience." Until Dawn's success is a big step forward into this type of game. Having the ability to make decisions and have those dramatically affect the outcome of the game really makes it fun to play and fun to watch other people play. On YouTube it has become one of the most watched videos this past month.

    Since Halloween is just around the corner this gives the opportunity for Until Dawn to boost its sales. Maybe it will even come with a bundle or be on sale. With the big success of the game hopefully a sequel or another game that's similar will be released sometime soon.

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  1. Sarcosana Gaming
    Cannot wait to finally play this!
  2. Rockgamegirl
    I just began a LP series for this. The game graphic wise is awesome, story could use a bit of work though, and there is supposed to be a sequel to it which I've hear it may be an arcade shooter type game instead. So far, the working title for it is Until dawn: Rush of blood, but yeah it can change. This game is a cool game 7/10
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  3. Flash Cake
    YouTube is such a big factor now for the popularity of games it's almost pointless to make adverts for TV.
  4. Ericthehysteric
    I didn't think the game was bad but to be honest about the game I didn't see it much better then a sega game I played that did it with power rangers it was just watching a movie and pressing a button at the right spot pretty much the gameplay was meh but the story wasn't bad and picking who dies and who lives was fun so I think it was like 50/50
  5. Crimson
    Why? Extremely simple. A snowball of hype and the right people commenting at the right time on the right youtube channel. The game got a lot of hype before lunch and even though it wasn't "Marketed" like a AAA game, it was certainly not that much less hyped than a AAA title. By youtubers, articles, critics and more. Not to say that it's success isn't in part to the quality of the game, which is quite excellent might I add. But youtubers like Syndicate, Jacksepticeye and others both of less and more maturity playing the game certainly has contributed to the games "blowing up" - More coming soon, probably not. Eventually, definitely.
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  6. MiliMate
    I think it has largely to do with the fact that it comes close to 'playing a movie', something that has been tried by many, but never really worked. I like how the game takes the choices you make to a new level, adjusting even the slightest details in conversations. And everything looks gorgeous, so yes, very well-done.
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  7. Aurian MoonRose
    Not saying the game isn't good, but that is defintly one of the reasons why it is such a commercial success, due to youtube and twitch gamers playing it and people seeing that, hence they themselves want to play it for themselves. Personally i hope now game copanies and youtube notice that us gamers can be good publicity and help get the game out. I do believe some of them do know how important streaming games are now, and hopefully this just helps it build steam. but yeah with halloween around the corner it may become even bigger hopefully toi the point of a sequel (at least in the sense of an other type of gqame like this but diffrent from the company.)
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