Two New Xbox Controllers Hit the Market Next Week

Like collecting special edition controllers? Xbox is releasing two new special edition controller designs early next week for the Xbox One.
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    Two new official Xbox One controllers are dropping early next week. These special edition controllers come equipped with two different designs.

    Ocean Shadow comes in a matte black that fades to a light blue metallic finish. The buttons, triggers and D-pad have a glossy black finish with light blue highlights on the ABXY and menu buttons.


    Winter Forces is the newest of the Forces series controllers, and is inspired by the popularity of the Armed Forces, Covert Forces and Midnight Forces controllers. It has a high-tech artic camo pattern that embodies a modern design. The finish is matte with dark grey accents and light grey highlights on the ABXY and menu buttons to compliment the colors of the controller.


    Both controllers will be also available for $69.99 USD at select retailers worldwide starting Feb. 7.

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  1. Omni King Playz
    They both look cool
  2. Sarcosana Gaming
    I'd want the blue one
  3. poptartfunknasty
    That ocean shadow controller :inlove:
  4. CJTheBassMan
  5. Oskar7917
    Ocean shadow looks very nice.