Twitch Streamer Falls Asleep During Live Stream

You know when you're playing a game, streaming live on Twitch and you're getting tired you usually get off and go to bed. Well, not this guy. He...
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    I play with a group of people on various games each night and there's always the same guy in the party who falls asleep with his mic on and he snores loudly. We usually always have to mute him or kick him from the chat. I thought we were the only ones to experience someone falling asleep while playing a game, but apparently not.

    I'm not sure whether its the game is boring or if the person is just extremely sleep deprived that they fall asleep playing a game instead of turning it off and heading to bed. Either way, sleep kicked his ass and wont his game.

    Apologies if you've seen this video before, this video was posted back in January 2014 on YouTube, but its recently resurfaced and has over 3.3 million views on YouTube. So we felt like sharing it again because its a good laugh.

    Twitch streamer Poptartgamer fell asleep during Anju's Anguish (Also known as the Anju and Kafei Side Quest) on The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. Which is a lengthy Clock Town side quest that spans all three days, requires some precise timing, and a lot of effort. Only, his effort went into catching up on some sleep.

    The video lasts for 30 minutes and during that time many people spread the word about this sleeping streamer in other Twitch streams. Of course, everyone wants to investigate the snorlax that is hibernating live on Twitch. Everyone finds it hilarious and the chat is wild. Some tried to call him via Skype, but no response as he was deep in sleep. Some say that he's still sleeping right now.

    Have you ever fell asleep during a live stream or even while recording a video for YouTube? Let us know in the comments below. We'd love to hear about it. Something about falling asleep while playing a game is just hilarious.

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  1. Shloppie
    This is my new night time streamer to help put me to sleep.
  2. UGR_Cyclops1998
    He's asleep & in the middle of streaming
  3. Freakazoid
    Is he really asleep or is he faking it.
  4. TheToastGamer
    omggggg hahahhahah, no way did he actually fall asleep :')))
  5. LegoPrince
    As if he fell asleep XD This funny!
  6. poptartfunknasty
    this is hilarious! i would have loved to be watching live when it happened
  7. grizlynator
    i have a friend streamer and he does that alot lol,always funny to see
  8. CJTheBassMan
    Kicked for being in idle too long?
  9. HallowedAsylumGaming
    Lol This video is always great.
  10. Sarcosana Gaming
    This is hilarious :p Never happened to me live, but it has happened
    1. Freakazoid
      u can if u played all day non stop. :D
      Freakazoid, Sep 11, 2017