Top 10 Games Trending on YouTube Gaming in January 2016

YouTube Gaming features over 25,000 games. Here's a look at the top ten video games that grew the fastest in the month of January 2016.
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    YouTube Gaming features over 25,000 games. Here's a look at the top ten video games that grew the fastest in the month of January 2016.

    YouTube Gaming Top Trending Games of January 2016

    1. Plant Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 - An open beta on PS4 and Xbox One made this Plants vs. Zombie spinoff the fastest growing game in January.
    2. Tom Clancy's The Division - Those who pre-ordered this open world shooter were granted one glorious weekend of beta access.
    3. Dying Light - The Following DLC was revealed, along with a trailer about the game's new area.
    4. Subnautica - Still in early access, but the H2.0 update brought new features and improved graphics.
    5. Goat Simulator - Players got their hands on a new DLC, including crossovers with Rocket League and Payday 2.
    6. Lego Marvel's Avengers - The latest LEGO-superhero mashup made its debut in the final week of January.
    7. Shovel Knight - A new co-op mode, unlocked by a Shovel Knight amiibo, brought people back to this 2014 indie platformer.
    8. Rocket League - The announcement of the season 1 finale (and of course, the season 1 rewards) brought Rocket League back to the trending list.
    9. Smite - The Smite World Championship was the first major esports event of 2016.
    10. Boom Beach - This mobile base-raiding game saw a major event in the form of Dr. T's Mega Crab.
    How many of these games have you played in January? Let us know in the comments section below.

    The list of games was gathered by YouTube and posted on the official YouTube Trends blog. Rankings represent the games that have the fastest growth in watch time and Creators making content about that game, but do not necessarily represent the most popular titles.

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  1. Zachary
    rely good but where is GTA that game is always trending
  3. KIWI
  4. RaxasGaming
    Rocket League...!! What a great game!
  5. Snake
    4. Subnautica is defiantly worth a go if you like an open world night and day underwater exploration game and a laid back style build , swim, dive, collect and explore its a beautiful looking game to watch,runs smooth at 60 fps on my 7870. I've made some videos making a survival story out of the game here's an example
  6. Tearierboot
    hey can i ask you for some tips on how to use damnlag?
  7. DevNeo
  8. TheGraveTitan
    love Rocket League!
  9. Bazooka Manner
    Any body want to make a video together on Android?
  10. SimsCrafter
    Gotta love Plants vs Zombies! xD