Top 10 Best YouTube Gaming Setups

Chances are you have seen some of these setups or setups that are really well done like them. There's many who are working on setups like these...
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  1. Some people spend a lot of time and money making their setups the best they can be. Spending tons of money on lighting, furniture and the electronics. How do they afford it all? Most earn the money they spend on their setups from doing just what the setup is built for. Gaming, YouTube, live streaming, and eSports. Top creators can earn thousands of dollars making videos, live streaming and competing in events.

    The time spent getting everything perfect, the displays, lighting and wiring is nuts. The wiring alone can make anyone go crazy trying to make perfect. People go to extreme levels making these setups perfect, some even tearing walls out and replacing the wiring so that it can be hidden in the wall easier.

    I personally like the small, clean and lite up designs that just looks simple. What's your favorite setup?

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  1. MYSK Gaming
    I need a new desk.. otherwise mine is dope!
  2. LightningShock
    LOL my setup is a bit better but these are awesome! :D
  3. Shloppie
    You put my setup to shame. I'm not worthy, I'm not worthy.
  4. StoutGaming
    My favorite is the blue office, that's the one I would want.

    I still prefer the two computer setup, one desk for the recording with a single monitor with a second computer that's a laptop for the editing. It's what I do, but my tech isn't as good as any of theirs.
  5. Zamek
    They're sexy
  6. Alan
    Nice one
  7. SincereApology13
  8. Phrenic1
    Dope video!