The Nathan Drake Collection - Is it for you? | Informative review

Uncharted 1, 2 and 3 all remastered and packed onto one disk. Naughtydog's masterpiece brought to the PS4.
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    I must admit a certain bias before writing this review. The Uncharted series is one of my first loves of gaming. This introduces a certain bias into my mind so I here by swear that I will try my very best to not let it have any effect on my review of the games.

    The Uncharted trilogy has been remastered by a Studio called Bluepoint games. I would like to state now before we go any further that this is a remaster, a sort of touch up of the original games. Not a remake, in which the entire game is rebuilt. Keep that in mind when reading.

    Plot (no spoilers - of course)

    The Uncharted trilogy has you playing the devilishly handsome, clever quipping silver tongue devil, hardy adventurer and history buff Nathan Drake on his adventures around the world chasing great treasures and following in the foot steps of the worlds greatest explorers.


    All three games were touched up by Bluepoint games. With HD texture updates, the whole water system remade and character details increased the games look a lot better than they used to. And with the power of the PS4 pushing them on it is sure to be an excellent experience for all those who have yet to experience the Uncharted games or for those revisiting the trilogy since they played it on the PS3.


    To me the remaster comes in strongest in this area more so than the graphical side. For instance convenient things like a dedicated grenade button, that wasn't in the original release of the first game is now present. The climbing system is a lot more fluent and you are less likely to jump into a massive abyss by accident because of a clunky climbing system. And anyone who ever played an Uncharted game can 1. Tell you how frustrating that is and 2. How big a part the climbing system plays in the series.


    Each game is about 9 - 13 hours depending on how good you are or if you have a tendency to be a completionist or not. The stories are epic. The soundtracks are amazing. The visual update is good but not of all importance. The gameplay touch up is essential and gives the whole series a more up to date feel and generally makes the games feel new. Now to the question, Is it for you?

    Do you:

    Own a PS4? - Like epic adventures? - Love mystery and myths? - Enjoy funny, realistic feeling characters? - Gun fights? - Epic scenery? - If the answer is yes then down to the nearest seller of video games you go. Or PSN store, but where's the fun in that.

    Score: 10.0 (I refuse to go lower)

    Signed, Crimson

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  1. Flash Cake
    Pretty good.
  2. Aurian MoonRose
    Got to agree with you. And besides that it was remastered for a reason. because it was a highly sold and highly reguarded game series. When i first heard about it getting remastered i had already decided that i would be getting it. lastly i love the touch at the end for the rating lol.