The Attitude you need to be Successful on YouTube

How many failed channels are there on YouTube? A lot to say the least. But have you ever considered why that is? This article explains.
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  1. Anyone on this website clearly has the objective of becoming successful on YouTube but I’m afraid there is a harsh reality to this job. You will get nowhere in this world by being lazy.

    And you may not consider yourself lazy but chances are you’ve have fallen victim to the sin of sloth. I have seen many, many channels start and then disappear within the next year because they couldn’t be bothered to work for it anymore. I had a friend in college who started a let’s play channel (called Gaming Gems, which I later became a part of myself) but as soon as the game Destiny came out, his uploads started to slow down a bit. I confronted him about it but he wasn’t too interested. Similar things happened after the release of Assassin’s Creed Unity and Batman Arkham Knight. When the Witcher III: Wild Hunt came out, I totally snapped.

    After Wild Hunt was released, he stopped uploading altogether. He didn’t want to spend time working when he could be playing but he thought he still could grow a successful channel.

    This is completely un-true.

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    I ended up managing the channels analytics and editing and uploading the vast majority of videos on that channel. I became independent from Gaming Gems about 5 months ago and breathed a huge sigh of relief.

    But Gaming Gems isn’t the only case of work-shy content creators. There are a large portion of channels of YouTube that uploaded videos for a few months and gave up shortly after. This is because people don’t realistically research what it takes to become successful on YouTube.

    But of the many channels I’ve seen crash and burn, there is one exception to this rule that I have seen and that is the YouTuber TheGullofdoom. He’s a let’s player (he does other stuff as well) who contacted me in 2012 asking for feedback on his channel. Back then he had about 1000 subscribers but as of writing, he currently has 107,000. That’s because he’s very active uploading almost daily with pretty funny commentary and quality videos. Put simply, he worked really hard.

    So many people get into YouTube unaware of what a tiring process it is. You will have to spend money on a good microphone (Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti is a good starting place). You will need some good editing software (Sony Movie Studio Platinum & Paint.NET is good for a budget). You will have to take time away from whatever you want to do to get to where you want to be.

    If you simply upload quality content on a regular basis, you will eventually, become YouTube famous. And I do mean eventually. Patience is very much required. A normal life involves work, social life, playing and resting. To be successful on YouTube before making it a full time job, be prepared to do a lot less playing and resting (even social life if you’re that serious).

    My point is, you need to work hard. Learn how to edit. Ask people how to get better. Look for information on the type of content you are creating. Simply uploading your videos to a forum is not going to be enough. Work Hard, Play Later.
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  1. CJTheBassMan
  2. matt2503
    this post confirmed what I thought however it was nice to see it backed up by some examples and was a good inspiration to keep at it and just keep uploading regardless!!
  3. MachX
    Its always true to not be lazy, the problem I have is thinking of video ideas.
    1. MachX
      cause everyones already posted something like my idea. also i dont have good gaming equipment or money.
      MachX, Jun 19, 2016
  4. QuietLife
    I totally agree with this article, like if you agree, and reply with your opinions.
  5. John213221
  6. Alucress
    Great article! I myself have fallen victim to letting videos dwindle until the channel died. I had a gaming channel with a few friends and we posted videos when we could, but eventually we just stopped. I realized I really missed recording and editing because it was really fun for me, so I started my new channel with better gear and a better mindset/drive.
      DefiantElias and Doobs like this.
  7. ExecuteCA
    This is extremely true
  8. Winger94
    I totally agree with this! If you really want to obtain what you want to obtain you must be prepared to do a lot of sacrifices because nothing is given to you. You must fight for what you desire: every video must be better than the previous and worse than the next one. I have a goal and I won't stop until A)I will succeed or B)I will fail because yeah you must take failure in mind but you must focus on doing what you are doing (of course you need to having fun with what you are doing)!
  9. AboutPerception
    Wow man, this is the 3rd article I've come across from you. Great job and keep on giving good advice!
  10. Bassmonkey