PS4 3.0 Update Dropping Wednesday, September 30th

Sony's release date and the full list of improvements in the upcoming PlayStation 4 3.0 Update are now available. Here are the full details.
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  1. Sony announced earlier in September what to expect in the 3.0 Update, which drops tomorrow, September 30th.


    The update includes a number of new improvements from new features to UI enhancements such as sending stickers in messages and sharing videos to Twitter.

    Here are the full list of improvements:

    Sharing video clips to Twitter: You can now share 10second long video clips to twitter directly from the share button and you will be able to clip them if they are longer than 10 seconds

    Playstation Plus: There is now a dedicated PS Plus section on the home screen where you can view the latest free games and discounts and manage your membership

    PNG Screenshots: You now have the option to take screenshots in a high quality PNG format

    Livestream to Youtube: You can now directly livestream to Youtube from the share menu.

    Events: A new Events hub has been added to the homescreen which will give you an overview of the activities and broadcasts taking place in the games you play.

    Improvements to Messages and Favorite Groups:
    Messages have been improved by making it easier to access groups of people you chat and play games with frequently. Once you’re added to or create a group, you’ll see the online status for friends, what games they are playing, and the option to message or chat in party all in one spot.

    Communities: Users will now be able to create and join communities based on games and interest such as a Destiny fireteam group. Communities include a message board with general discussion, screenshots shared by players, and the ability to join parties / games.

    Stickers: You now have a option to send stickers from the messaging app instead of typing a message. The update will contain stickers themed around games such as Uncharted 4 and LittleBigPlanet 3


    Apart from that, Sony is now also expanding PS Plus Cloud Save storage capacity from 1GB to 10GB for every PS Plus member.

    Overall the update looks to include a lot of changes which PS4 Owners will be happy to see when it releases tommorow.

    What are your thoughts on the update? Let us know in the comments!

    Source: Playstation Blog

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  1. Shadowguy101
    All of these changes are nice, but for some reason it takes a long time for me to load up a party chat or my friends list