Philip DeFranco Discusses How Much Money YouTuber's Make

You know you've always wanted to know how much money YouTuber's actually make from creating videos, but YouTube has restrictions that keep...
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    YouTube creators can make lots of money creating videos and putting them on the internet. Some even millions of dollars. But not all big channels make millions of dollars. Its determined by a few different things.

    YouTube ad revenue is just a single way that big channels earn from there channels. But those that earn millions have more than one revenue source. Whether that's product placement deals, apps they created, books, and even clothing sales all add up to determine how much they actually make.

    Its definitely a complicated and not so accurate discussion when it comes to YouTube money. You can definitely make a living from creating videos on YouTube if you work hard at it and can keep getting the views each new video.

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  1. TheGhostGo
    this is absolutely crazy
  3. Angelina Nicki
    Nice one...Real booster
  4. Sarcosana Gaming
    People would do anything to get money from their videos, and unfortunately in this world THIS rule applies a lot: The less effort one puts in a vid, the more views they get!
  5. Bobbyzila
    Basically dont do it for the money. Unless your suddenly get tons of views and companies wanting you to sell their stuff!
  6. CJTheBassMan
    is everything about this dude?
  7. Monkiesac
    I really want to tap into the revenue some YouTubers have
  8. LegoPrince