PewDiePie Wants Most Dislikes on Single Video

Could we all be wrong about what it takes to be the most powerful channel on YouTube? Could it be possible that the most dislikes will make your...
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    Its all about watch time. That's the message PewDiePie is getting across in a video where he's asking for 1 million dislikes.

    "Likes doesn't mean shit. We've been liking videos for nothing. Fantastic," said Pewds.

    "The more dislikes, the more the power. How do you think so many shit channels can rise to the top, Ghostbusters, Rebbeca Black, Justin Bieber, Call of Duty..."

    According to an article posted in June 2016 on makeuseof, the most disliked video of all-time is Justin Biebers video "Baby ft. Ludacris" at 7,256,453 dislikes.

    PewDiePies video has already gained 2,842,706 dislikes since it was posted in December. According to the makeuseof list of most disliked videos, he ranks 3rd just behind Call of Duty's Infinite Warfare Reveal Trailer at 3,440,499 dislikes.

    "You will become more powerful than you could ever imagine," said the voice playing Google on the phone during PewDiePies video.

    So the video achieved 1 million dislikes and the description now reads "Please can we 10 000 000 dislikes?" So we'll see if he can achieve this milestone that nobody else on YouTube would probably like to have. Pewds is different. He already has 52 million+ subscribers on YouTube, so its time to go after those odd milestones to take over YouTube.

    I'd ask if you thought he'd be able to achieve 10 million dislikes on the video, but we know he can. So I'm going to ask you when you think he'll achieve this milestone. Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Solid Brass
    He's no fool. He has been really very cleaver with the ways he's thought up, to turn the haters out there into cash money for his account... I'm still a hater though
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